You can now edit your Model Y reservation

You can now edit your Model Y reservation

In case anyone was waiting like me to be able to change the options on their reservation.

jimglas | April 5, 2019

7 seat option now available!

jimglas | April 5, 2019

I wonder if they will have a 6 seat option?

Robocheme | April 5, 2019

Thanks to the new pricing, it'll cost me $1500 to change from Midnight Silver to White. Oh well, I just wish that they had announced the price change, instead of saying that the Y wouldn't be affected.

noleaf4me | April 7, 2019

Why no Model Y thread?

JustSaying | April 7, 2019

We ordered before the Model Y price increase, I want to upgrade to a white interior , if I upgrade will base car price increase also?

RJMIII | April 8, 2019

it let me add FSD without costing me the extra $1000. But that is software and not a physical change. You can try it and see what the price change wil be without confirming the change.

MJP.75D | April 8, 2019

I tried to change my pearl white Y ($2000 option) to a midnight silver Y ($1500 option) that should have resulted in a net $500 price reduction but ..... the price actually went UP by $500 thus I was hit with the $1000 price increase. So, seems like design changes do in fact trigger the higher base price.

MJP.75D | April 8, 2019

If you’re wondering, I still have a reservation for a pearl white Y.

Martha.Reinert | August 18, 2019

I have tried managing my Y order through the edit to change the color option from grey to blue. But there doesn’t seem to have an save button. When I log back in nothing has changed. Any suggestions?

ExBMET | August 18, 2019

I'm with noleaf4me, why is there no model Y thread????

ExBMET | August 18, 2019

I just edited my Model Y reservation to select white as the color and take advantage of the price drop (from when I first made my reservation) in FSD AP. This makes owning a Tesla a little less of a stretch since it is about 6% less than I would have spent.

Techy James | August 19, 2019

Nice, so now AP is included in Base Price. So while base price went up 1K, the saving from included AP is net savings of 2K.

@Robocheme if you went from Midnight Silver to White the base price increase of 1K would be offset by 1K you was paying for Midnight Silver before. In addition if you had AP selected before then it would have went down another 3K for a net savings of 3K. So I am supposing your a critic trying to stir the Pot. So unless you decided that the 19" tires looked better with the white and didn't originally have AP is only way a simple change in color to base could have resulted in increase of 1,500 going to base color.

@MJP.75D little was confused at first till I remembered Pearl White was a 1.5K price upgrade, the 2K color was Red. Although if you previously had AP on the car, that would have resulted in a net drop as AP is now included in the Base Price. Also FSD would eat 1K of the original 3K cost of AP as it's now 1K more than it was at release time.