Minor annoyance

Minor annoyance

So have had this small problem for a year now and not worth driving to a SC to see if they can correct it. Every time I take my S out a red icon for the jack lift comes on the dash. Reminds me of the old check engine light that appears on some cars when service is needed. Its not affecting anything but just annoying seeing it appear every time I start driving.Or a passenger will ask what the red light is. I have air suspension in my 2015 P85D and have raised and lowered it several times to see if something was stuck. When the light comes on it doesn't change the suspension setting even though it says its in jack mode. So has anyone ever had this happen to their car and is there a fix or is it just a computer glitch that only service can fix? I have to get my steering bolts checked and air bag replaced at some point this year. They can probably do that at my house but not sure if I have to take a day to drive to a SC to get the icon to go away.Its a curse being OCD. Thanks for any help or suggestions. Before someone suggest to put black electrical tape over the icon I have considered that option already. LOL.

lilbean | April 14, 2019

Did you try rebooting the car or doing a full power off?

Bighorn | April 14, 2019

You may have a leak at the suspension compressor. Is it running a lot?

EVRider | April 14, 2019

I don’t see any icon like that documented in the owner’s manual — what does it look like and when is it supposed to show up?

GHammer | April 14, 2019

That warning came up on my car for about a week a few months back and nothing i did would make it go away, then one day it was gone and never returned. Ironically, now it appears i do have a leak in my drivers side rear strut but there is no warning light.

p.c.mcavoy | April 14, 2019

@EVRider - I expect kerry is referring to the icon that looks like a profile of an SUV with up/down arrows shown along the bottom edge. Look in the owners manual sections for Automatic Lowering and Jack Mode and you should find it. There is an yellow/amber version that is used to indication a fault detected with the air suspension and a red version which indicates the car is in jack mode.

@kerryg - the manual describes jack mode as disabling the automatic self-leveling which occurs when you power off the car. Not sure exactly what combination of sensors they use to detect level, but I'm wondering if there is possibly a fault with one of the sensors used to detect "level", not just suspension height??

kerryglittle | April 14, 2019

Thanks everyone. I should have mentioned that I have tried rebooting many times. I actually reboot out of habit every week or two. Never did do a powering off @lilbean. @Bighorn I'm not sure about that. I don't seem to hear anything out of the ordinary. I contacted service last year and they did say I could try logging the exact time it occurs so they could look it up on their end, but hard to do when driving. It doesn't effect the car in any way that I am aware of but if it was a compressor leak I probably wouldn't be able to tell. Many times when I see the light on I have checked the suspension settings and everything seems to be normal. I'll have to make the time to investigate further and get service involved now that my car is out of storage.

p.c.mcavoy | April 14, 2019

@kerryg - “... try loggin the exact time it occurs so they could look it up on their end, but hard to do when driving”.

You can press the voice command button and say “bug report ...” followed by a brief description of the issue. You can then contact service later and tell them to look for the report log. I don’t know precisely what all the captures and how it’s tagged, but it may help them find it.

kerryglittle | April 14, 2019

Thanks P.C. I will try that too. So was thinking about lilbean's suggestion to power off the car. I have only done this once with a service tech on the phone for another problem but cant remember how to do that. I looked in the owners manual and it didn't tell me either. Would someone be so kind to tell me how to do that? Just in case I have to spend an hour on the phone and they will probably tell me the same thing. Its calling for a rainy week so wont be doing any driving. Just waxed the car. LOL.

DRFLGD | April 14, 2019

Under the "Safety & Security" section there is a "Power Off" button.

kerryglittle | April 15, 2019

Thanks my friend. I will try that option first before I give up. :-)

kerryglittle | April 15, 2019

Ok so tried all of the suggestions here and nothing corrected the problem. The air suspension only moves a wee bit from high to standard. Reported the bug thing and then called Tesla to inquire about it. They said they wouldn't be able to tell from the log and it could possibly be a compressor problem. So they booked me in for service on Thursday. Looks like 4 hour trip to find the cause. Also my steering bolts and air bag replacements are in. Thanks again for all the help. Great forum. :-)

Bighorn | April 15, 2019

Don’t tell me you’re surprised it might be the compressor:)

kerryglittle | April 15, 2019

I know I know Bighorn. If thats the problem I will give you full credit. LOL.

sr.smr | April 15, 2019

Despite the problems with air suspension, I wish I had the option. I have spring suspension and find it has a stiffer ride after driving a loaner car with air.

kerryglittle | April 16, 2019

I love the air suspension @sr.smr but with more options theres more that can go wrong. Its great for entering a steep driveway or other obstacles. Glad the warranty will cover it though as I imagine its not a cheap fix if it is a compressor. I will let you all know what they find Thursday....if I don't have to leave the car and pick it up at a later date.

Bighorn | April 16, 2019

Mine was just a leak at a junction I think. I don't know if they had to replace a part or just tighten things up. It was under the extended warranty, so a $200 deductible. Don't know if the warranty saved or cost me money on that one without the details.

kerryglittle | April 16, 2019

I would get a lawyer Bighorn. LMAO.

kerryglittle | April 19, 2019

So they haven't been able to figure out my issue yet so left the car with them over the long weekend. They put some tape on the front feet and wheel to see if it lost air while it was sitting for several hours but it didn't lose any air. Best way to measure height difference. They thought it might be a relay but want to do some more trouble shooting. They gave me a nice loaner for the weekend. I'm sure they will figure it out eventually. I tested the loaner in my garage and it went to very high to low with no difficulty. While mine would not go to very high or low. I could only make it move a wee bit from standard to high and it was slow doing that. Anyways its all under warranty so not worried. Have a great Easter weekend everyone. Cheers.

Bighorn | April 19, 2019

My leak would not have failed that test either. The compressor just ran more to maintain a set pressure, I presume.

kerryglittle | April 19, 2019

They said they couldn't hear the compressor running either Bighorn and they checked it a few hours later and it hadn't moved at all. Strange and I got the impression they hadn't come across this problem before. I even time stamped the moment it happened when I was driving there and nothing showed up on the logs. They took it for a short test drive and the icon appeared before they returned . I told them just to replace everything and that would fix it. They laughed so I don't think they took me seriously. LOL.

kerryglittle | April 22, 2019

Sooooo got my car back today. Well more bad news. After them doing basic trouble shooting and measuring the car over the weekend with a piece of tape stuck to the front wheel and fender they found it had no air leaks.Car never sagged. Further investigation showed that the reservoir was supposed to be at 120 PSI and it was showing 80 PSI. So they thought that was the problem. They put air in it to top it up to 120 PSI. They changed the steering bolts. Changed the passenger side air bag. All good. Put on the latest software update and said I was good to go. I had asked them to rotate the tires but the tech said he couldn't because my rear tires are down to that wear bars. He thinks someone has been doing to many launches. LOL. They didn't have the tires I needed in stock so ordered them. Only 7,000 miles (10,000 kilometres) and they are toast. $500.00 each plus taxes and install to look forward to. So on my long drive home after ten minutes the red icon appeared on the dash again. They had test driven the car and said it was all good. Must be just my dumb luck. So when the tires come in I will be making another drive to get two problems fixed..... I hope. Stay tuned. :-(

kerryglittle | April 22, 2019

The service manager just called me. After hours I might add. So thats impressive. Apologized for not making the car right. He thinks it could be the check valve. So thats why its not losing air but not opening up enough when it needs air. He ordered a valve and will see if thats the problem. Its not a safety concern because the car would let you know if it shouldn't be driven. So not worried about it. Eventually they will solve it.