?Battery/AC? Fan

?Battery/AC? Fan

I noticed that sometimes when i park, the fan for the AC or battery or something, goes to full out blowing. Not inside the car, but you can hear it when outside. It makes the same sound as when I have the AC all the way to 10 or the heater on HI. I think it's only when parking at home, but i'm not sure. Is this prepping the battery because it knows i'm about to plug in the charger? (it does it before plugging in)

gmr6415 | April 19, 2019

It's just managing battery temperature. I'm in Central FL and mine runs most of the day when the car is in the sun. As temperatures rise it will run more and more. You will also notice it more if and/or when supercharging.

jordanrichard | April 19, 2019

File this under "nothing to see here". It's completely normal. As the temperatures start going up, you will hear this more often, especially when supercharging. In my MS it can at times sound like a I have an engine under the hood.