Oh, hello again!

Oh, hello again!

I am hardly a prolific poster here, but I've gotten tremendous value from most of what I've submitted as someone here always has a solid answer. Recently, I haven't been able to post at all - wait you smart guys are thinking ahead... Yes, I did just finally order a new inventory 75D!

I really wanted a used one and was really picky about it - Red, refresh, roof rack, smart air, upgraded stereo. Then the stop sign and stop light partial FSD thing was announced and I had to add FSD to my long list of requiremnets. Used inventory was becoming pricier and more scarce. New inventory was becoming more of an option. I had some very basic questions such as getting a roof rack for a glass roof and the cost of FSD (yes my head was spinning). After months of calls and texts to the Forida used sales guy, customer service, parts, and up the customer service chain, I was getting nowhere with the used car info. and almost nowhere with the new and custom order inventory. As recently as a week ago, I was contemplating just waiting 6 months to see if Tesla could get its customer service act together. Desperate, I reluctantly went to a showroom.

I have to give a huge shout out to the showrooms and service centers. I slammed them in the past for being worthles when it comes to providing information, but they literally saved the sale this time. I went to the Aventura Mall, and in 3 minutes, Briston answered almost all my questions. He said Tesla was doing the antisell on used vehicles and that they wouldn't give you one bit of info. unless you already put the $2,500 down. Hunter at the Dania service center confirmed everything and showed me some specials. They renewed my faith in Tesla's customer service.

Anyway, I am convinced Tesla is doing the hard silent antisell on their used vehicles. More on that some other post. I ordered a new 2018 S75D red, glass roof, textile seats and FSD that they discounted $13,800. I like the cloth/vegan leather blend just as much as the all vegan leather and I don't need the extra 76 miles of range at all. Grand total after tax, transport fee, dest. and adding a roof rack minus tax credit is just over $79k. This is over $21K less than custom ordering one and about $500 more than a 2016 red enhanced autopilot vehicle that just popped up on the used inventory.

Oh they also are giving me 1 year free supercharging. This is just for the 2018 new inventory.

Now I just have to wait a week for delivery and then 2 to 3 weeks before A Miracle Detailing can put C Quartz Finest ceramic coating on it.

crazy canaler | April 19, 2019

And a gigantic thank you for everyone here who answered my questions and posted such great info. on things before I even knew to ask.

Sorry, accidentally hit the save button before adding that.

Bighorn | April 19, 2019


NKYTA | April 19, 2019

Welcome!! Grin! :-) :-)

Silver2K | April 19, 2019

Sweet! Congrats!

Shesmyne2 | April 19, 2019

Yay for you!
Enjoy the ride

Still Grinning ;-)

barrykmd | April 19, 2019

When I saw the title, I was wondering if Adele joined us.

BPSoCal | April 19, 2019

Congratulations on pulling the trigger! You won’t be disappointed