Windshield to be replaced - advised I need AP1 camera calibrated

Windshield to be replaced - advised I need AP1 camera calibrated


Courtesy of a nice pebble that jumped from the freeway, getting my windshield replaced by Safelite(my Insurance Company's preferred-no out of pocket for me- vendor). After going through the appointment process, got a note stating that I will/should get my camera recalibrated(I have AP1)...

Already made an appointment with Tesla (have to get my non working browser looked at anyway and yes, still under warranty).

Anyone have had to do this before and if so, is this also covered by Insurance (if yes, did Tesla deal with the insurance company)...or is this out of pocket and I have to deal with the insurance company (Progressive BTW-with full glass coverage).

Any feedback would be appreciated.

EVRider | April 19, 2019

The owner’s manual says this:

“Caution: If a windshield replacement is needed, take your vehicle to Tesla Service. This will ensure appropriate handling and mounting of the camera(s). Failure to do so can cause one or more Autopilot features to malfunction.”

Any reason you can’t do that?

Dameon | April 19, 2019

Just got my windshield replaced by Safelite last week. I have an AP1 car. I was told by Tesla, my Ranger and Safelite that the camera would recalibrate by itself within 100 miles. In my case, it appeared to be working quite normally on my drive home from Safelite.

Dameon | April 19, 2019

Missed you second question: my insurance covers windshield replacement under the Comprehensive policy and is subject to that deductible. I paid my deductible directly to Safelite and they did everything... ordered the windshield from Tesla, filed for the remainder of payment from my insurance and installed the windshield. I am quite happy with the whole process.

dukeybootie | April 20, 2019

Have small chips I'm putting off repairing myself. Would you mind sharing how much it cost for Safelite to do the work, and how long the process took? Thanks!

Haggy | April 25, 2019

If the camera is not recalibrated and doesn't recalibrate itself, you will see error messages on the screen about camera errors.

I had this happen a long time ago, literally before Autopilot had even been announced, and it was easy for Tesla to take care of. Originally, Tesla put a black and white pattern in front of the car, and ran a procedure from their computer, then moved the pattern on a pole farther away at the correct height and continued with the procedure.

Newer cars were able to self-calibrate all along. Since they could do so without needing to look at a pattern, it's not too surprising that Tesla said that HW1 can now self-calibrate. But older documentation will still tell owners, and Safelite, that the camera must be recalibrated by Tesla.