Trunk/frunk change to automatic opening

Trunk/frunk change to automatic opening


I was talking to the people that are working on my Tesla at NYC body shop.
I Was telling them that I was going to get the trunk & frunk to open automatically.

They said that recently one tesla service person had his lip split open because the other person inside the car opened the frunk and they both were not expecting to jump up.

Upon this i decided to abandon this idea and leave it as is.

He also explained that it's not a good idea to change parts, there is a reason why tesla didn't make the automatic opening.

Mikael13 | April 20, 2019

That sounds like user error. The frunk modification is great. Maybe not for everyone but I find it helpful... yes esp when going to the grocery. I just say “open the frunk” on my way to the car and the Stats app opens it up for me. Love it

The struts are an upgrade and Tesla might have charged an extra $20 fee to the total cost of the price of my M3. Lol

SteveWin1 | April 20, 2019

Yeah, I love having it open automatically. Definitely glad I made this very inexpensive modification to make life easier. This is a pretty common mod, so I feel like the Tesla techs should know to expect that this may have been done.

ALDONY | April 20, 2019

Ok. I know it's very useful. Though of installing the struts myself..

What I am saying is that whoever is has it installed should let the technicians know of the modification.

M3phan | April 20, 2019

And quite simply, the owner can inform the service center people that they have the mod, and it’ll be on file and no longer a surprisE. The originator of the frunk and trunk strut mod, Brian of i1Tesla, has had his modifications for months and no damage to the car.

Magic 8 Ball | April 20, 2019

The unanticipated booby trap is a legit concern. You can't expect that if you told someone at service that it will be communicated to all those working on and around the car.

crmedved | April 20, 2019

Put a sticky note on the frunk when you drop it off?

ALDONY | April 20, 2019

Imagine the other way around.

You drop off your tesla for service, pick it up, drive home and then you open your frunk from your phone while standing above it.

Voila, your chin gets hit.

I smell lawsuits

Mikael13 | April 20, 2019

Valet mode...

lbowroom | April 20, 2019

Give me a break. Do you regularly keep your eyes closed when you open you trunk and frunk? Are people getting split chins from model S?

Factory choosing to do something doesn't make it gospel, there are many permutations of every conceivable feature but only one can be implemented.

And no, I haven't changed mine.

Magic 8 Ball | April 20, 2019

If you are working around dozens of the same car a day and then some one slips one in with a surprise feature all of the a sudden that no brainer frunk open becomes a booby trap. Yes, if I am used to doing something over and over again I can get to point where I can do it with my eyes closed. I hope someone does not decide to take advantage of my complacency.

lbowroom | April 20, 2019

Unless your 4' tall I think you have a high chance of survival. I also assume it doesn't jettison at 100mph.

Magic 8 Ball | April 20, 2019

If you are 4' tall or 6' tall and not bending over you will have a 100% chance of survival. It only takes 1 set of stitches to cause big problems for the owner carrying out the mod.

lbowroom | April 20, 2019

Over active imaginations

Magic 8 Ball | April 20, 2019

So you are saying the story in the OP was fabricated?

ALDONY | April 20, 2019

Not fabricated. Spoke personally with the tesla body shop in long Island City ny.

Just saying I don't want to be the cause of someone else problem..

Your cars, your decisions.

Personally, I spoke with someone that clearly knows more than me, so I listen..

lbowroom | April 20, 2019

No, I don't think it's fabricated. I just don't think it's newsworthy or anything to obsess about. People get injured doing basic tasks every day. Had I left a business card on the dash that the service tech wasn't expecting, he may have gotten a paper cut.

Magic 8 Ball | April 20, 2019

Nothing to obsess about but definitely important enough to maintain awareness of liability and unintended consequences of the mods.

ALDONY | April 20, 2019

I think it's common sense, in my opinion.

Sure. In your kitchen you can store all the knives with the blade facing up, it's your kitchen but 99% of normal people they store them with the blade facing down.
Nobody gets hurt, until someone will get hurt.

Accidents happens because people don't pay attention, simple as that.

lbowroom | April 20, 2019


lbowroom | April 20, 2019

Call it a beta feature.

edhchoe | April 20, 2019

I won't mod the frunk.
However, I wish the closing mechanism involved less labor.
pushing down with both hands and holding it there for 1 seconds is quite inconvenient.
I wish there was another way.

ALDONY | April 20, 2019


Totally agree with you..

Problem is the same for me, the automatic opening is not a game change, BUT the automatic closing would be.

Pushing down it is ver inconvenient, that's why I rarely open the frunk

ODWms | April 21, 2019

I’ve had the mod done six months. I acknowledge from an intellectual perspective, that anything is possible. But I’m not seeing how a rational person, acting reasonably can “get hurt” with this mod.

wiscy67 | April 21, 2019

That looks convenient but if it could auto close the Frunk then I would be more interested.

kcheng | April 21, 2019

"Submitted by ALDONY on April 20, 2019
...They said that recently one tesla service person had his lip split open because the other person inside the car opened the frunk and they both were not expecting to jump up."

Interesting. For the Frunk to hit your lip, you'd have to be leaning over the hood. Why would someone be leaning over the hood, before the hood is open?

jefjes | April 21, 2019

Glad I read this post since I also wouldn't want to be the cause of someone's injury if it can be avoided. Guess if or when I need to take my car someplace that I will not be the one opening the frunk or trunk, I'll spend the 5 minutes to put the original struts back on until I get the car back.

SteveWin1 | April 22, 2019

I got my windows tinted and the SC tech got in and had a panic attack because he thought the sun suddenly went dark. Tinting isn't standard so it's totally understandable that he was upset. Just wanted to warn everyone not to get their windows tinted because it might confuse people who get into your car and expect clear windows.

Magic 8 Ball | April 22, 2019

Did the sun going dark require stitches?

EM34ME | April 22, 2019

"Did the sun going dark require stitches?"

Magic 8 Ball says, "Yes, in some cases where people aren't paying attention."

SteveWin1 | April 22, 2019

Just required a few sessions of therapy, thank goodness. Should have put a warning sticker inside the car.

Seriously though, even if the SC techs use common sense and aren't licking the hood of your car when their buddy pops the frunk, they still might damage your frunk (either when it opens and hits something overhead, or when they close it and flex your frunk), and then they might not cover the damage since the struts were modified, so even putting a warning in the car might still be a little risky. Probably best to swap out the struts (takes less than 5 minutes) before handing the car over.

TAC | April 22, 2019

Ive had pocket opens too with the phone app. I know people like their mods but to me factory spec is more important. Just like I dont do seat covers or phone cases. Its like covering up what is already good.
Similar to a pocket dial.

adoh2010 | April 22, 2019

This is a dangerous modification, the fact that it doesn't have a latch like any other hood is dangerous enough and yall wanna make pop up too? Just wait till the shorts have a blast with all the news about broken windshields.

Kary993 | April 22, 2019

@ adoh2010 - the frunk cannot open while driving the car.....Tesla had to pass certain rules to have a car without any catch lever......the modification to pop open the trunk is not adding any danger while driving, just when parked and can be opened as outlined here.

ODWms | April 22, 2019

Wow. This is amazing.