Narrow Garage Entry Option?

Narrow Garage Entry Option?

My garage door opening is narrow (50 yr old house) and the space in the garage is a bit cramped as well. As such, the proximity alerts/alarms go off continuously when I drive in. For the past 25 yrs I've been putting the 4Runner in there without any issues and so have no problem driving the Model 3 in there as well. I clear the opening on either side by at least 8" or so. I've looked for any option that would designate this as a tight space (similar to the feature that is available for Summon), but can't find anything. Has anyone else come across this?

EVRider | April 21, 2019

There’s no setting like that, but you can mute the proximity alerts using the speaker icon shown when the alerts happen. The mute setting remains in effect until you unmute.

jordanrichard | April 21, 2019

I don’t get what you are looking for. What would “designating” it as a “tight space” get you? My driveway is curved right up to the garage door so I pull in with my MS at angle and my sensors go off as well, but after 5 years, it is just back ground noise at this point. I watch to make the front left corner clears the door opening and then using my passenger side mirror, watch to make sure my rear right corner clears the opening’s edge.

PhillyBob | April 21, 2019

One cool thing you can consider is to use the auto mirror fold option. While it will not help with the warnings, it does provide you more space. An unnamed person in my family has hit the mirrors (on other cars) multiple times over the years.

lbowroom | April 21, 2019

I hereby designate your garage a tight space.

PhillyBob | April 21, 2019

Thank you ..... When I have seen this happen, I take a deep silent breath and never say a word ..... Now at least I have added four inches to my garage opening. Still grinning .....

Jtwo | April 21, 2019

My garage is tight also and I put up with the warning chimes. The auto folding mirror feature is great. I was manually folding (if pushing the button on the screen is considered manual) prior to parking in my garage. Unfortunately I would sometimes forget to unfold them when I left. Now because of the auto fold feature, that’s one less to remember!

mstoer | April 21, 2019

I do use the mirror fold option and that is how I get the clearance above. I could mute the alerts/chimes, but then if I did get too close to something I would never here the alert. I thought it would be nice to have an option (just like summon has it) for a tight space (based on location).

cascadiadesign | April 21, 2019

I have single car garage doors with a post in-between. When I pull in, my car sounds like the control room of a nuclear plant during a melt down. I just live with it and happy the car is doing its job.

I'm able to use Summon to back the car out with 90% success. I have it set to "Tight". Some days it just refuses to budge, like a stubborn dog on a leash.

I tried pulling the car forward into the garage one time. I was parked straight & centered on the opening. Upon summon the wheels immediately turned 45 degrees and I released the button before the car even moved. Decided it's too risky to try again - perhaps if & when the front camera becomes part of the process (my understanding is only the ultrasonics are used in the current version).

Has anyone had luck pulling into a tight, single car garage using summon?

Sparky | April 21, 2019

I have a pretty tight spot to back into as well. I leave the mirrors out because I use them to judge the side clearance and they work as cat's whiskers as well. I'd rather hit them than the bodywork. I have the proximity chimes on mute because they were driving me nuts. And I have a cardboard box at the back stop distance so that I can see it on the cam when I'm backing in and I can hit the mark every time within an inch of the box. If I blow it and actually hit the box, well, its a cardboard box and won't damage a thing.

ElectricAlex | April 21, 2019

@cascadiadesign, i have a single car garage and use summon to park and reverse out of daily, it is 89” wide. About 8” play either side.

At first it was touchy, but putting cardboard guides either side makes it easier . Before cardboard it would turn into the gun safe repeatedly, after it cheats to other side. The updates also made tight space self park better.

cascadiadesign | April 21, 2019


Yeah - large objects inside my garage are not equal distance about the door opening, so I can understand the car wanting to center based on ultrasonics. Do your cardboard guides run the entire length of the car? If so it would not be practical for me.

I'd really like to see an optional enhancement where you print and hang a unique target on the back wall for the car's camera to aim for. Kinda like how the Dragon space capsule docks to the ISS :)

ElectricAlex | April 21, 2019

The cardboard is set in front of objects to get Pea Brain to turn well before it Sees them. So my safe sticks out 18” into the garage door opening, before the car sees a flat object to its rightand tries to turn, i set an angled cardboard square in front and the car gentle turns left and passes object.

billlake2000 | April 21, 2019

I use summon all the time for my "tight" garage. I could not park there without summon. If I drive in, very carefully,
I cannot open either door to get in or out. Summon is a life saver. Plus it's so cool to watch. At first, the fob was not as good as the phone, but now, since I have got the hang of it, the fob is better. Second the idea of cardboard guides. I used to use those when I started, but now I am able to drive nicely up to the garage door where summon doesn't balk anymore and turn the wheels 45 degrees. So freakin' awesome.

kevin_rf | April 21, 2019

The auto folding mirrors are just what the Tesla ordered. Now if it would only turn on the backup camera when I pull in. The mark the door makes on the floor tells me I've pulled in far enough.

alisse | April 22, 2019

@kevin_rf I know to stop when I'm 12-14 inches from the wall. Old-school option: My dad used to hang a tennis ball on a string and alight it with the correct position -- just as the ball kissed the windshield he'd know to stop.

kevin_rf | April 22, 2019

Found pulling in using backup cam gives me a very consistent stop without having to worry about the garage door closing on the car. If I can see in the backup camera the spot the door closes on, I am past the door and have some room in the front for frunk access. Works just as well as the tennis ball, or a traffic cone.

MrSexyTime | April 22, 2019

The sounds are quieter when you're outside and use summon. I'm on 2019.8.5 and have had some issues with summon exiting the garage. Bluetooth bounces, app, and phone restarts fail to get it to connect. Had to do a full reboot at one time. Luckily it doesn't happen too often and it hasn't happened when the car is beyond the squeezable entry limit. I dread having to climb over the console at some point.

sananpx | April 22, 2019

I have two car garage and it is wide enough, jus two cars parked, but it still buz. Also Summon does not work if I place car at place where I manually enter garage. I have to place it quite a bit away from the wall, may be two feet for summon to work. I believe summon doesn’t work if proximity sensor is active. Any thoughts

mstoer | April 22, 2019

@alisse I had a tennis ball set up when the 4runner was parked in the garage, but with the M3 I can pull in and put it exactly 50-60cm from my band saw base so everyone can walk around the front easily. I really love that feature.

CharleyBC | April 22, 2019

I just think of all the garage chimes as a welcome home melody the car is playing for me. And actually, I use the forward distance countdown instead of the old tennis-ball-on-a-string trick. When I'm about 19 inches from my tool cabinet, I know I'm in enough to safely close the garage door behind me.

I do see your point though. There could be an option geotagged to "home" that suppresses the warning chimes. That and the oft-requested option to not do walk-away lock at home.