What is expectations today’s event

What is expectations today’s event

Any guess, what will we learn at today’s event

hoffmannjames | April 22, 2019

My predictions:
- Details on AP3 computer
- Approximate timeline for AP3 production and customer upgrades
- Update on current FSD features in development and road map for FSD roll out
- Details on Tesla Network
- Hype about how autonomous ride-sharing will revolutionize transportation
- FSD demo
- FSD test drives

Frank99 | April 22, 2019

Wow, that's an awful lot of information from Tesla. What I expect is:
1. Video showing a coast-to-coast FSD drive (but with manual Supercharger connection/disconnection)
2. An Elon timeline for rolling out Level 4 autonomous highway driving to FSD purchasers (end of the year?)
3. An extended timeline for surface street Level 4 autonomy ( from "Annie": "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, it's only a day away...")
4. Hype about how autonomous ride-sharing (and the Tesla network) will revolutionize transportation ("Tomorrow...")

hoffmannjames | April 22, 2019

FYI, this is what Tesla posted:

“Tesla is making significant progress in the development of its autonomous driving software and hardware, including our FSD computer, which is currently in production and which will enable full-self driving via future over-the-air software updates. With a number of very exciting developments coming in the weeks and months ahead, Tesla will host investors on the morning of April 19th at our headquarters in Palo Alto to provide a deep dive into our self-driving technology and road map."

elecfan2 | April 22, 2019

So what came out of the meeting on the 19th?

Wormtown Kris | April 22, 2019

@ewd7: It quickly got moved to the 22nd. (Likely either because they realized it was the Easter weekend and/or they realized it was a day the markets were closed (if they expect this to be a slam dunk home run that will jolt the stock)).

hokiegir1 | April 22, 2019

It was moved to today.

Shock | April 22, 2019

Massive pump/uninhibited hype.

There's a very good reason musk scheduled this very recently to come in just before the Q1 earnings. Surprised more people don't see that.

"Video showing a coast-to-coast FSD drive"

Sorry, not a chance in God's green earth that any Tesla is capable of coast-to-coast (unless we're talking about a very small island somewhere) without disengagements. Not a chance.

Here's what we're going to see: a very controlled pre-vetted course and/or video of FSD intended to show that Tesla is on the cusp of it. This is to rally the troops before Q1's crushing figures come in two days later. True believers will eat this up, possibly a stock pump although that's being constrained today by the Shanghai car fire.

jimglas | April 22, 2019

More Shock FUD, What a surprise!

Mike83 | April 22, 2019

Expectations of perfection is a strawman which the shorters attempt to promote their slimmy attacks on Tesla.
Real owners with NAV on EAP know it is working quite well as our current 2000 mile trip proves to us. 97% of the time the car is driving itself. One must use it to know the truth and ignore the FUD

PhillyBob | April 22, 2019

Silly question... what does FUD stand for? I get the type of person just not the acronym. Thanks!!

jopp2 | April 22, 2019


Magic 8 Ball | April 22, 2019


Marketing 101: Exploit the emotions of FUD to scare people into doing or not doing.

spuzzz123 | April 22, 2019

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (as in the spreading of misinformation to cause it, in the hopes of somehow deflating consumer enthusiasm). It's the only explanation for Shock's presence here as he long ago claimed he dropped his reservation and bought a competitor EV. Perhaps he just has buyers remorse and trying to convince himself and others he made the right call, but that seems a little childish.

I do agree with him that FSD as envisioned is a long way off, but that doesn't make the car or company a failure.

elecfan2 | April 22, 2019

FUD is a real thing, here anything negative said about Tesla and their vehicles is considered FUD. | April 22, 2019

@ewd7 - It's more how it's stated.

Normal: I had a problem Z, does anyone have a solution?

FUD: Every Tesla has problem Z. Clearly they can't make a car and everyone should sue them.

Double FUD when it is from a non-owner.

stephenfootball | April 22, 2019

Starting on time would be nice!

LostInTx | April 22, 2019

While driving across town using EAP, I thought it would be cool to use the Model 3 browser to watch the presentation, only to get an error saying the browser doesn't recognize any of the video formats available.

Oh, the irony.

one.more.again | April 22, 2019

Does the repeating video just mean the event is delayed?

SteveWin1 | April 22, 2019

Its not delayed at all. Did you forget to set your watch to Elon time? | April 22, 2019

@one - Hard to say. Not untypical for Tesla events to start late, but this seems much longer than usual (11:32 amp PST), 32 minutes late so far.

Kary993 | April 22, 2019

EM decided he wanted to have lunch before starting......

elecfan2 | April 22, 2019

I've watched the same cars drive by over and over again on the video, now I don't see the people driving the cars and the cars look like they drive themselves. It's subtle, but real.

elecfan2 | April 22, 2019

Well Elon Musk is an alien from Mars, so he lives on Mars time which is 24 hours and 37 minutes long.

andrewlee05 | April 22, 2019

Just started!!!

-TheJohn- | April 22, 2019

Wonky, very wonky. It's like they're a tech company or something.

richardls | April 22, 2019

Wonk, woooonk, wonk...

jimglas | April 22, 2019

my feed keeps crashing

cmh95628 | April 22, 2019

Holy Crap! Batch size of one!