Which lift pads did you buy?

Which lift pads did you buy?

Please share if you already purchased the lift pads, as to how many in a set, price, and if you are satisfied or not with it (them).

If possible, the place to purchase as well.

neil.weinstock | May 8, 2019

I got these off Amazon, mainly because they were a bit cheaper than others. Keep them in the frunk. They're fine. They also seem to be unavailable now.

However, I haven't found them to be necessary usually. Everywhere I've been so far has had newer lifts that don't need the pads. But I'm glad I have them just-in-case.

jamilworm | May 8, 2019

I just ordered these but they haven't arrived yet so I can't attest to the quality. $25 for a set of 4.

I thought about making my own but the price above was just to good to waste my time making them.

rob | May 8, 2019

I got these and they are absolutely AWESOME!

I put them in my trunk and I haven't had a flat yet.

syclone | May 8, 2019

@rob: Great item! If I hadn't ordered the hockey based jack pads, I would have jumped on these.

globalMan | May 8, 2019

rob: just want to be certain...$29 is for 4, right?

gilchrestm | May 8, 2019

Why do you need these? I thought tesla was the only people that could work on Tesla’s?

ALDONY | May 8, 2019

Solid metal, went to tesla service to test after I received, total fit.

DEWHEL Jack Lift Point Pad Adapter Aluminum for All Tesla Model 3 Models -Safely Raising Vehicle - Protects Car Jack from Damaging Tesla Battery (4 pcs, Red)

globalMan | May 8, 2019

Sometimes, we might need to change a tire due to a non-serviceable puncture, either on the road or at home. For some people, they might want to rotate the tires (every 12000 miles?) themselves.

lilbean | May 8, 2019

They are included with the bra.

casun | May 8, 2019

wow. very nice lilbean.

Syed.Hosain | May 9, 2019

Sometime back, I got these:

The price was much higher than I realized was possible - particularly with the new Aluminum ones at $52 for four - but they do come in a nice tube that keeps them all together.

I keep this tube in the frunk ... have not used them yet, but will when I get new tires in the future from a local tire place. So, cannot comment on how well they work yet.

globalMan | May 9, 2019

I went ahead and purchased the one rob recommended:

Thanks, everyone.