2016 X P90D Ludicrous

2016 X P90D Ludicrous

Did anyone notice the addition of the Ludicrous Plus mode on the older P90DL models? 2016.
What is this about and why is my Max Range function gone??
Ludicrous+ plus came with firmware 2019.12.1.1

Redmiata98 | May 10, 2019

It is for heating the battery prior to launch mode, same function just moved the touchscreen input placement.
Not sure what “max range” is but “range mode” is still available on the “driving” tab.
(Make sure you don’t accidentally hit trailer mode while you are there and on a trip because your destination % will immediately drop and you will probably get a warning to slow down. You can reverse it by getting out of trailer mode, cancelling your current nav guidance trip and rentering your destination.)

franc01 | May 11, 2019

The same thing has happened to me after the last update- I lost the Max Battery Power button and gained Ludicrous + but nothing happens when I press and hold that. 2016 MX P90DL and now acceleration seems less aggressive than before.

- Franc

jjgunn | May 12, 2019

Pay upwards to $35k more for "P" & not have it?!??

So glad I never bought that. Always felt the best value was the car fully loaded minus the "P". Hey...I got one right for a change.