New X for my wife - Long Range or Performance + free Ludicrous?

New X for my wife - Long Range or Performance + free Ludicrous?

The lease on my wife's 90D expires in a month, and we want to renew with a new X in time to realize the effect of the $3750 tax credit. I'm sorely tempted by a P100D with the free Ludicrous upgrade, but it would primarily be her car, and she is the sensible type - no need for that acceleration. Almost an aversion to it, in fact. The performance of her 90 was plenty for her, and since we are leasing there is no argument for increased resale value.

As an EV evangelist, I am often making the Tesla pitch with friends and clients, and damn that acceleration is a clincher. I drive our X when I need more room for passengers, so it is often the car that gets the full demo, and I've wished I could share that part of the Tesla experience in the X. Launching to 60 in 2.7s in an SUV would be mind blowing... unless they are still having issues with the shudder?

I have my own 4 year old Model S P85D, but won't replace that until after the rumored refresh. I could afford it, but would never want to spend $20k for Ludicrous. So it's tempting to take advantage of this window to get it for free on one of our cars. (We are operating on the seemingly implausible rumor that the S will be refreshed in September, but not the X, and assuming the free Ludicrous would not extend to any refreshed car - any insights on this would also be appreciated.)

Need advice pronto, we have to act fast. Thanks!

jjgunn | June 2, 2019

I would get Ludicrous for free. Why spend the extra money if you wait?

Good luck!

bp | June 3, 2019

The trade-off is longer range with the Long Range model (325 Mi/4.4 sec 0-60) vs. greater acceleration for the Performance/Ludicrous model (305 Mi/2.7 sec 0-60) for an additional $11K.

For normal driving, the acceleration difference isn't noticeable - 4.4 sec 0-60 is still faster than almost any other vehicle on the road.

If there's a possibility of using the X for towing, the additional 20 miles of range might be worth more than the faster acceleration...

Madatgascar | June 3, 2019

You also get better brakes, carbon fiber, and (per our Tesla store contact) if you get the white interior with the carbon fiber, the seats are ventilated.

Not sure, but I thought you also got sport/chill/track modes only with the P, and stickier tires? Is there any difference in the tuning of the suspension? I can’t seem to find a breakdown of what is included on Tesla’s website.

jjgunn | June 3, 2019

White with Carbon Fiber looks incredible IMO. Stunning

Sounds like the Wife has a car to take the girls out for Brunch ;-)

sgehlhoff | June 3, 2019

even if you never use it, resale value. I'd go for it, turn around and sell it and get the long range standard.

michelcub | June 3, 2019

I would go for the performance with ludicrous

bonhari03 | June 3, 2019

My vote is the long range. It’s nice to have a car that can accelerate like that but it is a one trick pony. Once you get into the less than 5 sec. 0-60 in a SUV, it all just crazy fast.

Madatgascar | June 3, 2019

@sgehlhoff, agree, but we are leasing. No benefit from returning a car at the end of the lease that is worth more than what the lease docs say.

Madatgascar | June 4, 2019

Decision has been made. We are going for the long range.

jimglas | June 4, 2019

I am sure you will be pleased with your decision

inconel | June 4, 2019

Wise decision

rayflusa | June 4, 2019

Got a text, today. my long range model x raven will be arriving in tampa fl , tomorrow Wednesday. after they inspect, said pick up Thursday or Friday iam hope. Ill update on car after driving home. ps, traded 2016 S 90d. looking forward to higher driving position , more leg and head room, iam 6 3".