Trip: 4,000 miles LA - MN - LA

Trip: 4,000 miles LA - MN - LA

I am renting a Model X 100D with 19" tires from a Tesla forum friend (thanks JJ!). I will be driving 2,000 miles from LA to Minnesota in a few days. I am expecting to average 350-400 Wh/mile for flat driving at 70 mph. Is this reasonable? Any advice on picking superchargers along my route? I plan to target 20% SOC arrival at each charge.

Here are the cities I plan to sleep in:
Leave LA
Las Vegas, Nevada
Grand Junction, Colorado (or Denver)
Grand Island, Nebraska (or Omaha)
Des Moines, Iowa
Arrive in St Paul, Minnesota

On the way back from St Paul:
Rapid City, South Dakota (to see the Black Hills)
Denver, Colorado
Richfield, Utah (to see Zion)
St. George, Utah
LA | June 12, 2019

I'm too lazy to look up your chargers, sorry. The mileage you list is probably good numbers at 70 mph. I think I on occasion see as low as 333 Wh/m if there are no bursts of power, etc that use more juice.

I don't focus on having 20% on reaching the charger. I try to set my stops as far apart as possible so I can make every charging stop a meal stop. So I like to travel at least 200 miles before charging. But even with a 100 kWh battery, you can't expect to go much further without charging and they don't always cooperate with where they put the chargers.

Tesla would have to stop every 150 miles or so which keeps you in the fast charging rate range keeping the chargers running at best capacity. Considering that they will fine you for leaving your car on the charger after the charging is done means you won't have time to get a proper meal anywhere without leaving the restaurant and moving the car.

Trips are simply not optimal at all in an EV. Give them another 10 years and the range will be longer and the chargers more plentiful to allow you to do pretty much the same trips in an EV that you do in your ICE.

beaver | June 12, 2019
Thanks I am planning to do 2 hour legs between charging and rest/eat/sleep. Charging is fast below 50% SOC, so will charge 20-80% normally which will give me about 180 miles.

alvin | June 12, 2019

Why does my 2019 Tesla x show 90% after a full charge?

deemo | June 12, 2019

The vehicle will plan your stops for you but you can change it by selecting different supercharger. 20% left as a rule is a little much, the car will normally plan for 10-15% range left when arrive and I normally follow that suggestion. I have never been short although did cut it kind of close once when hit a very bad storm with 40+ MPH head winds on way back from Vegas. I routinely end up with a little more (2-3 %) than what it says it will be when I get to the charger. Best way to preplan is use or - I like the first better, much more flexibility.

deemo | June 12, 2019

Almost forgot - is also pretty good.

beaver | June 14, 2019

@deemo thanks, I have looked at Tesla’s route planner, EV, and better route planner. They vary between 8-14 supercharger stops. I think that better route planner optimizes for fastest trip, which means more shorter charges. My plan is to drive in 3 hour increments so we can rest and charge.

gaspi101 | June 14, 2019

Just use use whatever customized options you want (20% is what I use too because it allows me to drive at 85mph and still make it with about 15% which is enough to go elsewhere in most cases if there’s a problem with that supercharger for some unknown reason. Have a good time! I’ve done three 1500+ mile trips in my X and 3 and I use ABRP for the route and in car nag for navigating to a specific charger. Cheers!

gaspi101 | June 14, 2019

Just use use whatever customized options you want (20% is what I use too because it allows me to drive at 85mph and still make it with about 15% which is enough to go elsewhere in most cases if there’s a problem with that supercharger for some unknown reason. Have a good time! I’ve done three 1500+ mile trips in my X and 3 and I use ABRP for the route and in car nag for navigating to a specific charger. Cheers!

deemo | June 15, 2019

With ABRP, you can kind of force whatever you are looking for by changing some of the assumptions. For instance you want 20% left but 3 hrs between. A couple of ways to force it, after put 20% as goal arriving charge, reset length to open charge port to like 30 min, forcing less charge cycles or just pick a charger every 200 miles or so and add as waypoint or select taka a long break here. Lots of options.

bob | June 15, 2019

+1 gasp101
I've done long trips in our MS60 - that takes planning. Our MX100 is way less stress with lots of charging options. We haven't done 2,000 in one trip, but we have done 1,500 and typically the car is ready to get back on the road before we are. The exception to that rule has only been when we've done 12 or 14 hour marathon days. On occasions like that we like to make our last stop at Kettleman so I get a nap in the lounge area.

There will be mandatory Superchargers on your route. Places where there isn't another charger for 150 or more miles. One that I dislike is Quartzsite - I'm not a fan of Carl's Jr. and typically it's too damn hot to walk anywhere else in town.

Enjoy the ride. I bet once you get beyond the 2nd or 3rd charger any range anxiety will wane.

beaver | June 15, 2019

Good tips, I have spent hours playing around with ABRP, I had to put in a 20 mph headwind to get the target Wh/mile so my 70 mph drive efficiency is accurate.

I am thankful for the 100 kWh battery, it would take much longer in a 60 or 75 kWh battery, and could get stressful climbing the mountains.

jjgunn | June 15, 2019

I climbed the mountain from Roseville, CA to Tahoe EAP at 69 MPH, temp about 80F with AC cranking away -- 85 actual miles & used about 50% battery. (~145 miles of range)

jjgunn | June 15, 2019

......and so it begins. ;-)

beaver | June 15, 2019

Swap complete! Thanks JJ the X is floating on air

beaver | June 16, 2019

First day finished, left LA late due to packing so stopped for the night in Vegas (fathers day!)

Model X 100D, 20" tires
261 miles
3:59 driving
0:40 supercharging in Baker, CA at max of 132 kW
Charging overnight at Aria hotel, which has 4 Chargepoint chargers on level 2 of self-park (6 kW = 17 mph)

372 Wh/ mile total from LA to Vegas. It was hot (108 F in Baker) and had strong winds.
350 Wh/mi from LA to Baker (172 miles)
414 Wh/mi from Baker to Vegas (89 miles)

gguinto | June 17, 2019

Good luck with your road trip @beaver! Your MX is the same configuration as ours.

Like @bob, I also have an MS60D that we've done long trips up and down the east coast with. The longest was from NY to Key West. With only about 200 miles of range with our MS60D, we made the trip to key west and forgot about range anxiety all together. 90% of all the s/c stops were at decent places with good restaurants, etc.

Road trip on a Tesla are awesome, especially if you have unlimited supercharging. Good luck!

beaver | June 17, 2019

Day 2 report: Vegas, Nevada to Green River, Utah

I had issues with all 3 Utah supercharge locations (see below for detail)
Biggest surprise: beautiful view at Salt Wash Viewing Area in Utah

423 miles total
5:39 driving (averaged 74.5 mph)
403 Wh/ mile total

Supercharged for total of 2:45 (one of the chargers was slow)
Stayed overnight at First Choice Inns ($145), had dinner at Tamarisk (excellent)

Supercharger issues:
St. George, Utah
A/4B have issues (started at 120 kW but quickly dropped to 25 kW for me and another guy)

Richfield, Utah
Charged slowly at 70 kW max for most of the charge, tried switching but no difference

Green River, Utah
2B started charging at 137 kW but within 2 min tripped out (gave an error, asked me to replug), I tried 3 times but it kept stopping. I switched to 1A and it worked great (139 kW max and stayed above 100 kW for most of the charge)

Next major stop: Denver, Colorado

jimglas | June 18, 2019

Use airport road SC in Denver, much less likely to be full

bob | June 18, 2019

@beaver - assume you know about the A/B priority? Simple rule of thumb is if there is another vehicle in a pair - say someone is in 3B and 3A is open look to see if another pair is available, both A&B. You'll only get 1/2 speed charging rate if half a pair is occupied up until that user leaves. It's a lot more complex than that, and there is a chart somewhere in the bowels of these forums that lays out an entire matrix of which position is optimal based on which stalls are in use. But the simple A/B trick and really speed things up. Happy Trails!

jjgunn | June 18, 2019

Trip tip -- avoid v1 SuCh'ing if you can. They're so slow at 103 kW

beaver | June 18, 2019

@bob - yes all the chargers were open, so no one was robbing my power (unless they tapped into the shed :)
I have had no problems with Colorado chargers today, Utah was a little weak

beaver | June 18, 2019

Day 3 report: Green River, Utah to Fort Morgan, Colorado

Longest day yet and most tiring. Heavy rain in the mountains of Utah and Colorado made for more stressful driving. There was a lot of water on the freeways. Most fun: seeing the snow near Vail. We wanted to stay the night in Denver but there were no good rooms available, must have been a convention going on or something. So we pushed on another 1:20 to Fort Morgan.

427 miles total
6:02 driving (averaged 71 mph)
349 Wh/ mile total

Supercharged for 3:01, 103-137 kW, no charging issues. I calculated that so far on this trip I have averaged 71 mph, but only 50 mph when I add in charging time. Charging represents 29% of my trip time. It doesn't bother me because my baby needs the break, but if I was going alone and fast i would stop to charge more frequently but for shorter time. I have been skipping some SC while the baby sleeps.

sbeggs | June 19, 2019

Thanks for the excellent detailed reports.

beaver | June 19, 2019

Day 4 report: Fort Morgan, Colorado to Omaha, Nebraska

It was a good smooth day, fast driving and charging. Not a lot to see except the fields, beautiful sunset. We had trouble finding a hotel room in Omaha (or Lincoln) due to the College World Series.

483 miles total
6:12 driving (averaged 78 mph)
325 Wh/ mile total (gentle down slope)

Supercharged for 2:28, max of 146 kW in Council Bluffs, Iowa (screaming fast maybe due to the 20.1.2 update today). I had no charging issues, nice meeting other Tesla owners from Seattle and Denver.

Supercharged: Ogalla, NE; Grand Island, NE; Council Bluffs, IA (just across the river). Nice food options at all the charging locations.