Is 10 months a reasonable amount of time to wait for Badge and Spoiler

Is 10 months a reasonable amount of time to wait for Badge and Spoiler

I have been waiting for over 10 months to receive my Performance badge and spoiler. Is this a reasonable amount of time to go without items that should have come on the car new? I have emailed and spoken with customer service and the local service center numerous times. Customer service has twice told me to schedule the service to have them installed but the service center calls a day or two before the appointment to tell me the spoiler is not in stock, so the appointment is canceled. New Performance models have been going out now for months with the badge and spoiler installed from the factory.

This is just so very very disappointing and a severe lack of customer care!

Neomaxizoomdweebie | June 17, 2019

So you're driving a stealth? Cool!

spuzzz123 | June 17, 2019


calvin940 | June 17, 2019

This thread serves no purpose. You have an opinion and are unhappy.

My response of "given it's only cosmetic, it's no big deal" would inspire a response from you that indicates that this opinion is not yours and therefore irrelevant since you are unhappy.

Another's response of "of course not, I should have had it day one" would be the responses you want. Again, you already of that mindset so you seek validation where none is require. You are unhappy, therefore your idea of reasonable is the only important one to you even if everyone else's was different.

This thread accomplishes nothing positive so why post it except to simply continue to hash negativity?

P.S. I received my badge on my last mobile service and was almost thrust upon me.. I kinda just said "ya ok go ahead" so that I wouldn't have to think about it anymore but I was like "who cares?".

lordmiller | June 17, 2019

You should have waited and bought it this quarter, you'd be all set.

peldor427 | June 17, 2019

What service center/area are you? Have you tried the Tesla Ranger? It was not a big deal for me to have it - was not in a rush. There was a local Tesla meetup and the ranger was there trying to install as many badges as possible so I accepted. He didn't know when the spoiler would be available but I gave him my contact info and a few days later he was ready to install it ASAP so I said OK and very happy with the service. I would have gladly deferred to someone else that was bothered by not having it. I think the look is improved, but it definitely was not a deal breaker in my book - my son actually preferred the stealth look! :P These issues must be very location specific with service so I'd love to know your general area. My service senter is 300+ miles so I deal only with a Ranger, but this is all I've needed him for in 9 months.

lilbean | June 17, 2019

So spoiled! :)

Azred50 | June 17, 2019

If you wanted exclusivity, Model 3 was the wrong car.

M3phan | June 17, 2019

Too long.

derotam | June 17, 2019

Go do a factory tour and ask for it while you are there...haha.

-TheJohn- | June 17, 2019

For you sir I think 13-18 months is appropriate. You're almost there!

kevin_rf | June 17, 2019

They tagged my 10 month old Stealth LR AWD Friday.

Then had the nerve to tell me I needed new front tires ($$$) and a front end alignment ($340), but don't have the tires in stock so I have to reschedule.

Anyone know anyone willing to do a front end alignment on a Model 3 in New England?

Syed.Hosain | June 17, 2019


I would suggest getting the tires from another source - Tire Rack or Costco or America's Tire.

Will be much less expensive.

lilbean | June 17, 2019

Tesla will match their price but I like the warranty on America's Tire.

vmulla | June 17, 2019

No, that's too long a wait for something you paid for.

hokiegir1 | June 17, 2019

@kevin - ask around to local dealers or find a local Tesla group's recommendations. Tesla was wanting $150 to do a rotation without balance for us, but we have a local shop that for $205, we can do rotate, balance and alignment.

gballant4570 | June 17, 2019

I don't want the badge, personally. I did not buy performance, but if I had, I might just choose to stay stealth. But in the case of the OP, you've certainly been waiting long enough, if it means something to you.

howard | June 18, 2019

Thought I would give it another try. Told to schedule the service which I did. Then notified by the local service center no spoiler. I contacted customer service to let them know, no it is not in stock. This is the response:

Hello Howard,
These have been back ordered which is why every vehicle since July 2018 is missing the badge and spoiler. Cancelling the service basically takes you out of line for one. I would keep this service order open you have 3 other items we are also working on with this mobile service so I would keep it there. We will perform the service and leave the service ticket and the order opened.

I apologize for the time involved but quite literally every Model 3 sold int he last year is needing this.

We thank you for helping Tesla to accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable energy.

Alex G | Tesla Support
12832 Frontrunner Blvd., Draper, UT 84020

CST | June 18, 2019

You are lucky, both are cheesy!

Ducaroo | June 18, 2019

Almost 9 months to the my wings installed today. Installer said they are hand made, hence production limits. The curing process must be the problem because he had 2 brand new spoilers for me, of which only one fit. The other one was 2-3 millimeters off the surface on the left end of spoiler. My car is MSM so the carbon fiber blends in with the color.

As for the badge, that was installed unexpectedly (just like the call to get my spoiler installed) back in April with "power reduced" error message due to some fused electrical connections. I really like the thin red line on the badge...nice and subtle.

Patience my friend. Visual ground effects are nice, but you already have the pot of gold. Enjoy it

efuseakay | June 18, 2019

I took delivery of my P early September. I got my badge like 2 months ago and tossed it in the drawer. Still no spoiler and it’s not at all acceptable. Don’t listen to the cultists who think Tesla is infallible. While not the end of the world, it doesn’t exactly speak well for Tesla that something so “minor” has played out this way.

efuseakay | June 18, 2019


Apparently that rep is unaware that European Performance models have their badges and spoilers installed from the factory.

howard | June 18, 2019

efuseakay, prior email explained just that along with many others across the country getting them a lot quicker than my 10 month wait. Just terrible customer support. Like who cares we cashed your check.

jfaubl | June 18, 2019

I see the salty comments are still so prevalent here. The question is a valid question. I was told 30 days last September. I think 10 months is too long. On teslamotorclub there is a thread of people waiting. There are so many problems post install, I don't mind waiting.

jfaubl | June 18, 2019

On the thread just referenced, sorry for some reason I can't post hyperlinks here, it has beenidentified that the Midwest is the people that are delayed so much.

surfpearl | June 18, 2019

Sorry to hear, but patience pays off. Hopefully you will benefit from the spoiler installation learning curve (no pun :). When you do get an appointment to have it installed, make sure it fits perfectly during the dry fit-check, i.e., before they glue it down. Especially check how the ends fit against the trunk. Also confirm there is no uneven gap between the leading edge and the trunk lid across the whole length of the spoiler.

If you're really impatient, schedule a road trip to CA and have it installed here :)

NapaChris | June 18, 2019

I requested a service appointment to have the spoiler installed. Then I followed up to request it be a mobile service appointment instead of an on-site appointment.
From my first time requesting the service appointment at a “local” Tesla “store” to the mobile tech showing up at my house and actually installing the spoiler was two weeks.

So yes, if you’ve asked for the spoiler and you’re waiting 10 months, that is too long.

My wait was two weeks.

I live in Napa, CA.

shawncordell | June 18, 2019

Got my car in Sept and received my badge and spoiler 5 months later. I didn’t sweat the wait but I can understand wanting something you’ve paid for.

Don’t worry about the salty comments. You’ll get used to them.

landoncube | June 18, 2019

It has been reasonable in my (same) situation.

eddyline | June 19, 2019

Ours took about that long. The reason, according to the SvC, was that batches of the spoilers continue to fail QC for mating surfaces. One of my friends got his early and the spoiler is tending to release at the corners--he presses it back down periodically. As it's(I believe) a third party manufacturer they can only inspect after receipt so it's a continual issue.

lbowroom | June 19, 2019

Yes, it's a big problem that everyone is aware of. Of course it's an unreasonable time to wait Howard, thank you for pointing it out since no one else has brought that up in any other thread.

jjgunn | June 19, 2019

I don't have my spoiler either....sniff sniffle

howard | June 19, 2019

lbowroom, Thank you for your kind thoughts.. Wish Tesla was as concerned as you are about ongoing 10 mount old issues continuing to be brought up. Maybe it would get resolved quicker if they were.

jimglas | June 19, 2019

I don't get a spoiler for my P3D-
Who do I complain to?

lbowroom | June 19, 2019

Well, they have made progress by being able to install badges and spoilers on new builds. They do need to solve the aftermarket problem.

Howard. I do love the backhanded compliment polite attack format you've adopted.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | June 19, 2019

Well, for what it's worth, the spoiler you are waiting on will most likely hurt your energy efficiency. Enjoy the higher efficiency while you can.