2019 Model S - Hood Flex?

2019 Model S - Hood Flex?

I noticed two things about the hood on my new S, compared to my 2013 P85:

1. Under the hood is just bare metal, none of the rubber tracking or insulation padding found on the 2013.

2. When wiping down the hood while it was closed, I noticed a lot of bending/flexing at multiple places. You can feel the metal “popping” up and down. When closed and untouched, though, it looks fine.

My question - are either/both of these typical? It just seemed odd to find the bottom of the hood so bareand exposed. And the flexing during a simple “wipe down” is kinda concerning.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

lilbean | June 21, 2019

My X does that.

AERODYNE | June 21, 2019

My last century ICE car collection does those things too.

If you look closely, the stiffened panel below the hood skin is stiff enough to prevent the skin from taking a permanent set.

But my 15 MS is better in this respect. Another reason to pass on the Raven

Anthony J. Parisio | June 22, 2019

The hood now acts as an aluminum trampoline. This is to protect pedestrians in case of being hit by the car. So what you experience is on purpose.

lilbean | June 22, 2019

That’s great. The doors were the same way in my friend’s S. The door was backed into and when the SUV moved forward, the door popped back out without a scratch or ding. | June 22, 2019

To answer #1 - yep The refresh MS changed the hood design to get rid of the unnecessary pad and top seal - likely to save weight and reduce cost. Bottom seal was changed too so it seals against a mating flat surface of the hood.