Safety restrain system fault

Safety restrain system fault

Safety Restraint System alert popped up and had to take it to the service center appointment as the mobile servicing is more than a week out. It’s a 3 month old car and already have the AC not working properly, service alerts. Love the technology but Tesla surely has to improve the build quality.

Jimbo_Mississippi | June 27, 2019

Mine just came on today for the passenger side. Two months out for me.

FISHEV | June 27, 2019

" Love the technology but Tesla surely has to improve the build quality."

I wonder it is not build quality but poor programming as so much that depends on systems programming just works poorly...from dynamic cruise to lane keeping to the safety visualization.

aasandsas | July 21, 2019

I have the same issue. Does anyone know how long does this take to fix ?

Lonestar10_1999 | July 21, 2019

Infant mortality on supplier components does not bother me as much as fit and finish. Early component failures should lessen in time as Tesla will need to diversify their supply chain and demand better quality control.

I am more concerned fit and finish issues at time of delivery because this is something that Tesla has absolute control over.

So as long as the defective components are covered by warranty, I would give Tesla a pass. Likewise, I would not fault any car manufacturer for installing a Takata air bag.

thomas.hitchcock | July 21, 2019

My wife had this message for driver side...there was some sort of loose connection and they replaced a wiring harness under the seat and that fixed it.

aasandsas | July 21, 2019

Does anyone know if this can be done within the day at service center and/or mobile service can do it ? I am planning to sell car and can’t sell with this error. Pretty annoying, but partly my fault as well.

Geozeke | July 22, 2019

I've got this alert, too, on the driver's side. Scheduled an appointment for service and was given a mobile service appointment. Got a separate e-mail from an adviser indicating that parts are on order (the wiring harness I assume) and the issue can be resolved via a mobile visit. So it looks like this can be resolved by mobile.

CaliforniaMaki808 | July 22, 2019

Just 2 notifications "Car needs service" and "Your car suffered a failure and will no longer drive. Contact Tesla Roadside for assistance" this morning while starting it up. The car jolted forward a little bit while stepping on the brakes to start it up. Have to tow the car into Berkeley now.

AWDTesla | July 22, 2019

Had this issue on my rear middle seat and front passenger seat. Mobile ranger fixes cross wires in the seat and I was good to do. One time was done in my wife's work parking lot, cant be too complicated of a fix....

aasandsas | July 22, 2019

I called SC and they said it’s software related. But I bet it is either harness or something is loose. He even said it’s pretty common error and mostly will be fixed easily. Funny thing was when it initially happened, error would go and come when I blasted out music. So has to be some loose connection. Maybe I can just try to see if I can locate it behind the seats at the bottom.

Appointment is on Wed at 4pm. One hour hike one way. Sucks but have to go.

rhbohl | November 15, 2019

I have same, frequently occurring message. What did Tesla do when they came out? Did it require parts? Can we do it ourselves?