Enhanced Repossession

Enhanced Repossession

Let's hope that Tesla does not develop this feature.

lilbean | July 4, 2019

They should for all the whiners, the pedal confused who blame the car, and those who don't understand AP.

David N | July 4, 2019

I guess the enhanced repro could go both ways. It could be programmed to drive itself to a repro lot, or it could be programmed to drive itself to avoid getting towed.

NKYTA | July 4, 2019

Sounds like if we get there, FSD + Tesla may have won! @DavidN


DanFoster1 | July 5, 2019

@lilbean Yesssssssss!

andy.connor.e | July 8, 2019

If you blame autopilot for your accidents, it should tow your old ice vehicle back into your driveway.

Icyroads | July 8, 2019