WANTED: NEW OEM 21" wheel/tire set, black arachnid or sonic carbon twin turbine

WANTED: NEW OEM 21" wheel/tire set, black arachnid or sonic carbon twin turbine

ready to go, mounted with gen 2 TPMS, center caps, lug nuts
either near or shipped to NC

TesMD | July 9, 2019

You can search on ebay for the black arachnid wheels. There are few for sale and sellers are willing to ship. Alternatively, you can search TMC

EVRider | July 9, 2019

Two questions:

1. Why would anyone be selling new wheels that are not referral awards and can only be purchased from Tesla?
2. Why don’t you purchase them from Tesla?

bishoppeak | July 9, 2019

Someone may have gone aftermarket and are selling the originals

EVRider | July 10, 2019

@bishoppeak: But the old wheels wouldn’t be “new” as the OP requested (maybe “almost new”). That’s why I asked. Also, unless the turbines or black Arachnids were standard on some configuration of the S (they aren’t now), who would pay for a wheel upgrade when ordering the car and then immediately replace the wheels with something else?

DavidinNC | July 11, 2019

there are many folks selling their free referral award, going rate seems to be around $3000-3500
(why I won't buy new from Tesla for $6000)
ebay has some overpriced from dealers at the moment
anyone have new black arachnids w/ tires to sell?

EVRider | July 11, 2019

@DavidinNC: The referral award Arachnid wheels are silver, not black. That's why I asked my earlier questions. You can only buy the black Arachnid wheels from Tesla for $6,000, and it's unlikely anyone else would have a brand new set of black Arachnids that they would sell for less.

If you're looking for referral award wheels, your only option is silver Arachnids. Maybe you can buy those and have them painted black.