Low Rumble when accellerating

Low Rumble when accellerating

Do any of you experience a low rumble or shake upon acceleration - mine always hit at around 45 mpg. Just a slight rumble/shake. I was told it was normal - It doesn't feel right.

Bighorn | July 10, 2019

Tire balance is s common culprit in that scenario.

trixiew | July 10, 2019

I’ve recently had what I would describe as a low hum, no shake, in the front driver’s side pretty much always when I hit 50mph and up but never any other time.

Yeas ago I knocked off the front wheel well skirt on a parking block. No biggie, snapped right back on. Apparently though, over time, it split longitudinally and was catching air at higher speed causing the noise.

NKYTA | July 10, 2019

At some point I lost a “rivet” (not) that held the fascia above the right quarter panel.

It doesn’t present as noise, just as something I have to pop back in.

Okie1 | July 11, 2019

I can feel it in the steering wheel - which shakes. I was told it was a normal shimmy.But it just doesn't seem right.

hardusmiller3217 | July 13, 2019

2005 Mazda6 v6 and whenever I accelerate there's a low sounding rumbling coming from the right front wheel from 0 mph to about 20 mph. After reaching speed the sound dissipates and is no longer audible.

PeteB Lake Oswego | July 13, 2019

High or very high suspension setting will cause vibration (rumbling?) during acceleration. A known 'feature'

Tldickerson | July 13, 2019

@PeteB Lake Oswego, where did you hear that from? A few years ago the Model X had a something like that that but I never heard of the Model S having it. Please tell us more!

Ohmster | July 13, 2019

^Correct. Shudder at high setting. Requires short shaft replacement. Rumors abound regarding a permanent fix. We never got it and was told replacing would not permanently address.

‘17 S75 + ‘17 X75D Both: Uncorked [E]AP FSD MCU1 AP2.5 24.1 Grin on!

AmpedRealtor | July 13, 2019

I had similar problem, had the tires road-force-balanced multiple times by the tire shop. Still had the problem. It wasn't until I finally took it to Tesla that it was fixed. Tesla redid the road-force-balance and they did it properly. Fixed my issues.

Past Gas | July 14, 2019

I have a 2015 S85D. I was experiencing a rumble during initial acceleration. It would last for a few seconds, then smooth out. The harder the acceleration, the worse the rumble. If I accelerated while turning it was much stronger; the car felt like it was bouncing off the road. Replacement of front half shafts solved the problem. Btw, isn't it incredibly insulting to one's intelligence to be told the problem "is normal". The service technician who did my work (Springfield, NJ) told me that faulty half shafts were a very common problem in the Model X. Just because a problem is "normal" doesn't mean it shouldn't be repaired. Maybe that should be your response, Okie1 - "Ok, it's normal. I want it repaired."
What are you driving Okie1?

trixiew | July 14, 2019

@past Gas
My plates are PSSDGAS

Past Gas | July 14, 2019

And yes, the rumble was more pronounced when the suspension was set on high, as would be expected with warped half shafts.

Past Gas | July 14, 2019

trixiew, nice. Someone in NJ grabbed the PASTGAS plates before me. Maybe I'll check for your variation, or do you have NJ plates too?

trixiew | July 15, 2019

Past, I’m in California so you may be good. Took a bunch of combinations for me to get that. So many already taken.