When I purchased my Tesla S a few weeks ago, the phone calls were coming through. Now, they do not. I'm still connected to Bluetooth, just can't seem to figure this out. Anyone else have the same issue?

ann | July 12, 2019

yes, a lot of us have had that issue with iPhones (I assume you have an iPhone). there seems to be a bug with Tesla bluetooth and iPhones. The only workaround I've found that works is: when you dial a call, or receive a call, change the volume. Either up or down, it doesn't matter. For whatever reason, when you do that, you can then hear the person on the other end.

kerryglittle | July 16, 2019

No issues here from day one. iPhone 6S

WWISP | July 17, 2019

I'm experiencing the same issue. It started with my iPhone X. Thanks for the work around tip.