Referral Code Declined

Referral Code Declined

Is anyone else getting jerked around with the referral program? I purchased a Model 3 using a friends code, but I did not buy it through the actual link. Neither of us knew that was the process.
The salesman at the dealership said it would not be an issue since they could add the code after the sale. Now the story is changing and apparently they won't give either of us the supercharging credits.
Seems kind of cheesy.

RES IPSA | July 15, 2019

My understanding is the referral codes had to be given at the time of ordering the car... I would try to elevate it within Tesla and see if they will make an exception in your case.

leo33 | July 15, 2019

Very similar thing happened to me a number of months ago except I was the referrer. I tried elevating it within Tesla without success.Tesla really needs to do better in this area.

douglas_peale | July 15, 2019

I had an issue where I used a name as a referral, but did not know the referrers personal e-mail address. I was able to get that to the sales person 2 days later. The sales person said they entered this data, but it did not go through. It took three months of e-mails from both me and the referrer to get this resolved.

The e-mail address you want is:

If you have any evidence to back up that you used the referral at the time of purchase, (e.g. text message log) send it along.

HalliBee | July 15, 2019

Are you by chance from British Columbia? There is apparently a law that says if you receive a kickback from a car sale, you are by definition a salesperson. Unknown what's going to happen with that, but for now, no referrals being allowed, I've heard. See Facebook post quote following

Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia

July 8 at 6:37 PM ·
Supercharger credits update: Several owners now have received confirmation that the whole referral program is not allowed in BC due to provincial law. We were hoping to get an official response on why, however, wanted to keep you updated that its been pulled without notice.

briggie | July 16, 2019

I referred my cousin who gave her salesperson my referral code. Of course I have not received the incentive and we have been jerked around ever since. When I purchased my car I supplied my referral code after the order had been submitted with no problem. Tesla is better off removing the referral program rather than engendering bad feelings by treating its customers disingenuously.

-TheJohn- | July 16, 2019

I totally get the annoyance from not receiving it in these cases.
It's about to happen to me in a "We'll give it to the service center when we pick it up." type situation and ya know..
It's like.. $40-$50 bucks ladies and gents. I bet if you squeak that wheel it will produce turnips to squeeze and thus make electricity for you, the Tenacious One.
/highfive for not paying hardly anything to travel btw!

calvin940 | July 16, 2019

The link must be used from what I understood right from the start. People, if you don't read the instructions / process, how can you find fault with anyone other than yourselves?

"Orders must be placed through an active referral link in order to qualify for referral benefits."

vmulla | July 16, 2019

That's not always possible. I have a friend who wanted to use my referral code but eventually purchased an inventory vehicle after discussing with a sales advisor. My referral code was shared with the sales advisor, and everything was processed fine - except the referral became active six months after the purchase.
We'll have to see if we can retroactively get the offers available back then - if not, you can understand that'd we'd feel left out because of some paperwork bungle.

rwojtow | July 16, 2019

I know now that a referral link is the way to properly order a car. However, when you visit a showroom and they don't make that clear, especially to a new buyer who has no idea, it's very confusing.
My buddy who referred me obviously had no idea either because he just sent me an image of the last part of the link . I brought this up to them immediately after going through the purchase process because I saw nowhere to add the code.
Tesla should have advised me to cancel the purchase and re-enter it properly but they just said that it was no problem and they could add it on later, which they supposedly did. Even at the car delivery date, they assured me that it was going to be added. Now 6 weeks later still no credits. Although, the sales rep informs me that it is still being processed.

vmulla | July 16, 2019

@rwojtow +1

These things happen.