Pearl White now free

Pearl White now free

Tesla changed the paint color pricing, and solid black, which used to be free is now $1000 on the S/X, and $750 on the 3. Tesla had said this change was coming, but we all assumed the free color would be solid white. Getting the multi-coat pearl white, a previous $2,000 option for free is a deal! Applies to S/X and 3.

redacted | July 16, 2019

[scratches head at Tesla logic] | July 16, 2019

Maybe now they will sell touch up for pearl white.

AERODYNE | July 16, 2019

I am looking forward to that happening........soon

p.c.mcavoy | July 17, 2019

@redacted - Elon indicated that basic white added to much to service repair complexity and the team convinced him to go with pearl white. I'm inferring that his service complexity is more around manufacturing operations and not after sales service channel, but maybe there's something unique about the base white that creates problems outside the highly controlled factory environment.

barrykmd | July 17, 2019

redacted | July 16, 2019
[scratches head at Tesla logic]

Musk off his ADD meds again.