Powerwall sending more to grid than to charge itself

Powerwall sending more to grid than to charge itself

My powerwall 2 is using 6kw solar and inverter. Been working fine the last year but the last couple of days I have noticed its not been fully charging even though its summer and generating 5kw in solar energy. So I looked at the power and see 0.6kw was going to the home and just 0.3kw going to the powerwall the rest being sent to the grid! Is there anything I can do? I dont see any settings options to make any adjustments... thanks

llssurvey1948 | July 25, 2019

You havn't said how much charge your powerwalls have.

mcooke76 | July 25, 2019

The powerwall had only 14% charge which is why I was concerned that it was sending all the power to the grid apart from 0.3kw which was charging the powerwall.

Noam | July 26, 2019

Obvious dumb question: What did Customer Support say when you called them to ask about it?

mcooke76 | July 27, 2019

CS just took my info and said someone would get back to me... no one has so far

Tesla-David | July 27, 2019

How are you operating your PW2? In self-powered mode or backup mode. We operate our two PW2's in self-powered mode, with our backup at 25 percent, and over past 14 months of operation have never seen the situation OP describes. After meeting home energy needs our solar goes to PW2's to charge up the batteries, and only sends energy to grid after reaching 100 percent battery charged threshold. I would definitely talk to Tesla-Energy to see what is going on as what OP is describing does not mesh with our experience.

alanjenglish | October 23, 2019

I can report similar behaviour on a system setup in the UK for Advanced Time-based control set for Cost Saving. It has worked perfectly for 12 months but has now started sending power to the grid before the battery has been fully charged. When I spoke to Tesla support they suggested the Tesla App was showing incorrect information. My own belief is that they have 'updated' the charging algorithm.

charlesj | October 23, 2019

@Tesla-Dave, by chance you experimented for a day or so if you get same results in different setup mode?

alanjenglish | December 18, 2019

I think they must have updated the software or changed the algorithm as the powerwall has been behaving exactly as expected from a few days after my last post.

gregbrew | December 18, 2019

I wish there was a way to refuse firmware updates. They are *my* Powerwalls, and I want them to run the way they were when I bought them...perfectly *for me*. Tesla's ability to update my firmware to correct a problem that doesn't apply to me is against my wishes. If it ain't broke...don't *fix* it. It appears that some of the patches have unforeseen consequences. I grow tired of being a beta tester. I get enough of that noise from Microsoft.

end rant