Ultimate P3D- (18" Aero Wheels) Gription Tires

Ultimate P3D- (18" Aero Wheels) Gription Tires

Still waiting for my all weather stockers to wear out but have been looking at Bridgestone RE-71Rs in 255/40R18 (265/40R18 does not seem to exist). Another contender popped up at the Rack, the Yokohama A052 in 265/40R18 with a pretty scary looking tread.
Main criteria is dry gription, in a square setup but no crazy treadwear less than 100 R compound tires. Don't care: Noise, Winter driving, treadwear. Less care: MPWh efficiency. I know just going to "extreme" summer tires will reduce range and extra width will cause even more road friction and wind resistance.

Sizes possible:

Stock: 235/45R18: +Efficiency. -Rim protection. -Less Grip.

Bigger: 255/40R18: +More Grip +Rim protection. -Wrong diameter (-1.1%).

Biggest: 265/40R18: +More Grip ++Rim protection. -Suspension Clearance -"Out of spec" wheel width (8.5" vs 9" min).

Likely tires: RE-71R, A052, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

From what I have read, the A052 are RE-71R "grade" tires, 4S are a step down. 235 and 255 width are safe for clearance 265 is getting close. The Aero 8.5" rims are not approved for 265, but its not too extreme. Wondering if the -1.1% size difference for 255 is much of a concern. Anybody running the bigger sizes?

Slidely | January 15, 2020

Anyone? I'm interested in this too...

JayM | February 14, 2020

I went with the Yokohama A052 255/40R18 on a second set of (ebay) Aero wheels. I went 255 so within spec for the Aero 8.5" wheels. Diamter is smaller by -1.1% (0.989X). If the tire specs are right, then the tread is very wide for the size (see pics). They have "200" Treadwear (some call them autocross "cheater" tires) so I don't expect them to last for very long. Will wear them down below 2/32" for maximum mileage.

The Yokohamas feel super smooth feel compared to the "crawly" stock all-season tread. Don't know the exact efficiency hit yet but it is not really bad. We will see if the sidewall bulge helps with curb rash.

Also got some Nokian WR G4 All-Weather tires in standard size on my first set of wheels (3/4 of which had curb rash) for extreme wet or snow conditions. The Nokians are "Three Peak Snowflake" rated all-seasons (500 Treadwear).

Comparison picture to stock tire:

Front suspension clearance picture:

Picture of sidewall bulge with L-square and small ruler center of tire (10.5mm):

Picture of sidewall bulge with L-square and small ruler more to side of tire of tire (8mm):

abalsone | February 14, 2020

These are my top 3 choices for replacement:

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady
Pirelli Cinturato P7
Michelin CrossClimate+