NOA issues

NOA issues

Getting on highway, using NOA, also used turn signal, high rate of speed, car would start to merge, then tried to get off highway at the end of the on ramp. Scary. Would this event auto report to Tesla to improve? Action starts at about 25 seconds. | August 14, 2019

Did you intercede? If not, it merely merged near the end of the on ramp.

EVRider | August 14, 2019

If you disengaged Autopilot by manually taking control of the wheel, that should get reported to Tesla automatically. You can also use the voice command “report bug” to report problems like that when they occur. Without seeing the what the car was showing on the display, it’s hard to say what happened.

Were you entering this highway from a different one? What kind of road were you on when you turned on Autopilot?

RNB | August 14, 2019

Thanks EVRider.

Yes, I manually overcame AP. There was nothing unexpected on the road and I did not notice anything on the screen. I recall starting NOA on the on ramp. The other road was not highway, but was 2 lanes of traffic in either lane.