FM radio stuck loading

FM radio stuck loading

Our FM radio will not play. It is stuck with loading symbol. Internet radio ok. Multiple reboots. Soft and hard. Nil fix. Anyone else. It was great before.

Frank99 | August 15, 2019

My wife pointed out the same thing to me today (she listens to the radio, I don't). Must have gotten broken in a recent update.

gmr6415 | August 16, 2019

Do you have an LTE signal?

MrSexyTime | August 16, 2019

Happened to me yesterday. I did a full power cycle and it didn't come back (though after power off, the car restarted before I touched the brake, and before the Tesla suggested three minutes. The radio was still hosed, but then did a hard reboot, and all was well. (2019.28.2)

cnk | August 16, 2019

Had this a couple of times. Two-button reboot fixed it.

ColoDriver | August 16, 2019

Mine stopped working after the update to 24.4. A power down reboot from the menu solved it until I parked the car, when it stopped working again, but then a soft (scroll wheel) reboot then fixed and no issues since. So maybe try both one after the other.

ormandy | August 16, 2019

Had same issue last month. No fix worked at home. Scheduled mobile service, they rescheduled to service center. FM unit replaced - took 1 1/2 day fix.

bjrosen | August 16, 2019

My radio was wedged also, did a reboot and that fixed it.

dfellinger | August 16, 2019

I had it at the shop for a noisy AC fan. Replaced the blower motor. They tried a reboot for FM with no fix. They pushed the latest software patch for me to install at home again. Nil fix. Back to the shop again. What a pain.

rxlawdude | August 16, 2019

Same here, two-button reboot while driving fixed it.

gwolnik | August 16, 2019

I haven't experienced this problem yet, however my Sirius XM Onyx receiver is dependent on the FM radio because it retransmits the signal to the car that way, so I'll be very upset if this happens!

mike.munrow | August 19, 2019

Had the same problem; two button reset did not fix it. What did was starting streaming audio, then going back to FM. Still working fine.

dfellinger | September 6, 2019

So mobile service came by....unplugged the FM receiver up in roof by rear window to try a complete power off reset. Nil fix. Said they have been having issues lately and didn’t have one to replace at the time. While working on the unit he snapped the antenna wire going into rear window. I now have to go to the service centre to have rear window and FM unit replace. I had the car tinted and I’m out of luck and will have to pay to have rear window tinted again to match rest of car. Not impressed at all.

AWDTesla | September 6, 2019

Yeah, my FM keeps going completely out and two button reset fixes ot for a minute or so then it goes dead again.

Frank99 | September 6, 2019

try mike.munrow's suggested fix - it solved the problem for me. Really weird.

Atoms | September 6, 2019

Email Tesla with bug report.

coselectric | September 6, 2019

Ditto broke. Ditto reboot fixed it.

PittCaleb | September 7, 2019

I've had same problem for over a month. Was NOT a software update, was using FM, died on road trip. I have service visit scheduled for next Thu. Will post the findings, sounds like hardware - soft and hard reboots did not address.

I have secondary perhaps related issue. BT streaming audio works fine. BT Phone does not work anymore though. Very strange and more a problem than the FM to be honest. We'll see how the visit goes next week.

Resist | September 7, 2019

My FM Radio doesn't show a listing of stations, and doesn't have the Presets and Stations headings on the left side of the screen. I can direct tune in channels and save them as Favorites. Also, using the forward/backward search button only brings it to channel 87.7. I've rebooted numerous times with not fix. I set up a mobile service appointment for next week.

wreilly0 | September 19, 2019

Having the same problem with FM Radio spinning wheel since 9/8. Has anyone had a successful experience with a service appointment to address this issue? dfellinger's experience does not sound satisfying. Does Tesla know what is causing this? Or, are the techs just trying things to see what will work?

mdejulio | September 19, 2019

Had this happen several times in the first few months of my ownership. Reboots fixed all initially but failed again today with reboot not correcting. Tried deleting all set stations as i heard it can get hung up on a bad signal. That didnt work either. Looks like a possible trip to the service shop...

dmastro | September 19, 2019

My FM radio started working today, after a week or two of spinning / freezing wheel - both stations on the HD channel.

I did update to 2019.32.2.2 either last night or the night before, maybe that had something to do with it.

cFortC | October 4, 2019

Two-week old Model 3. Updated to version 10 two days ago. Yesterday, experienced the "spinning wait" after trying to play FM radio. Other media modes still worked find (phone, USB, streaming). Two-button restart restored FM radio.

My editorial comment: This smells like a software problem. The Tesla may be the "iPhone" of automobiles, but this is not a good excuse for less than stellar QC. On version 9 I was experiencing frequent "phantom window down" problem - hasn't recurred on version 10 yet and I've got my fingers crossed THAT at least is fixed. Come on, Tesla, less bling and more focus on solid core features, please.

bosmatnik | October 14, 2019

The same problem here (Model 3, ten months old, ver 10 software, Los Angeles area). LTE connectivity is erratic. Sometimes it catches on and quite often it doesn't. Today's experience:
Started traveling down the freeway, turn the "radio FM" on my favorite local NPR station and nothing- I left is there and then about 15 minutes into the ride, out of the blue, the radio started playing. What gives?

Bergersenm | October 15, 2019

Version 10 upgrade last week. First day after the update I notice all my sound stopped working including blinkers, car sounds, streaming media. Sound worked again after parking the car but now I get daily issue of media streaming sound just stops but I can see the media is still playing in the display--so seems for me version 10 upgrade introduced some new bugs impacting the sound in my model 3. Today I tried the FM radio and it just hangs--wont load at all--go back to streaming media then sound comes back but after a few songs the sound stops again? Very odd but blinker sounds still working now. Hoping Telsa support is working on a fix. Prior to version 10 update I never had this problem. Car is 1.5 years since delivery with 24k miles.

shanshare | October 25, 2019

My radio has not been working since the beginning of September with the loading wheel not spinning continuously. After many attempts to restart the touchscreen, restart the car, and get in touch with Tesla service multiple times, they have determined I need an actual service request. Mobile service is coming on Tuesday and they just sent me a cost estimate of $700. Has anyone who has needed service for this issue had to pay the full amount or has it been under warranty? I just got my Model 3 in June. Thanks.

leo33 | October 25, 2019

It's under warranty.

BlueController | October 26, 2019

I'm surprised there are people that even still listen to the radio. Its like watching or having cable/satellite tv still.

photon08 | November 3, 2019

I had this issue several weeks ago. Soft or hard reboot fixed the problem. However, it came back after the latest OTA.
I tried another soft reset and it is fixed for now.
I will see whether it continues to work.

vmulla | November 3, 2019

+1 @photon08,
Two thumb reset fixed the issue for me.

UPALLED | November 5, 2019

This happened to me as well. I drove the car out of town on business, about a 4 hr drive. I was only gone for a day and the issue started when I localized the radio station at my destination. Halfway back, I noticed that the FM tuning was spinning and was still spinning this afternoon. I did the system reboot which fixed the problem. However, it is concerning that something like this could occur. The radio is not as critical as let’s say the brakes or sensors. I feel that each OTA updates needs to go thru a more rigorous regression testing process.

leo33 | November 5, 2019

@UPALL, The driving systems are in a completely different computer than the radio and its UI. In fact you can reboot the cabin system while you are driving, and can continues to safely drive the car while rebooting, just without the display screen and speakers.
I expect that the sw on the computer with all the critical systems gets more rigorous regression testing than the cabin system.

Winston.Churchill | November 15, 2019

Same problem for over a month now. Tried two thumb reboot twice and did no good. I am 120 miles away from the closest service center... unlikely to make the trip just for this. Will try the "Munrow" method. Any pointer other than simple reset would be appreciated...

trobbins | November 19, 2019

Same problem, same fix--2 button reboot. But this has happened several times with both FM and streaming. Why should I have to reboot the car to get audio? I mean, really? If it's a signal problem, tell us. If it's a software problem, fix it. I

matthew_sedlacek | December 3, 2019

i now have the issue of the radio not loading. I tried the 2 button re-boot and it did not work. Is there another type of reboot that i should be doing? thank you

sofcf17 | December 8, 2019

Seems like nobody from TESLA wants to fix this problem. I have this issue for more than a month after the V10 update. Called tech support but it did not help. I’m scheduled for mobile service this week. Hopefully they can fix it.