Annoying useless updates

Annoying useless updates

Getting pretty annoyed with the nearly useless updates that have been pushed to the car lately. Developers need to stop worrying about adding stupid games nobody really plays in their car. I've got a phone and Playstation if I want to play mindless games. If the developers have time to that stupid crap do something worthwhile like adding Apple/Google play it's a freaking baked API that other less tech savvy car manufacturers have had for years!!! Ohh but wait my car can fart so it's all good!

How about fixing the issue where the car freaks out on auto pilot and over reacts from a car in the adjacent lane instead of adding a dune buggy game? Or how about the cars stubborn need to be in the middle of the lan even when a semi is drifted or overhanging in your lane, which ironically it seems to ignore from the latter issue mentioned even though if you didn't disengage auto pilot you'd end up loosing your side view mirror.

I want to see quality of life changes and safety changes, tired of seeing update after update of frivolous crap that just doesn't matter!

mike | August 16, 2019

Tesla954, I agree with you 100%. I keep hoping that one of these updates will correct some of the countless bugs in TACC, Autopilot and Nav on AP, but I'm giving up hope. It's very discouraging. Sometimes I think that nobody who works at Tesla actually drives a Tesla. Why all the attention on games and not addressing the important issues? I'm puzzled.

inconel | August 16, 2019

How do we know the updates are not addressing issues that we are not aware of? Games might just be the visible tip. We have regular updates of Windows and I have rarely seen any visible changes after updating.

barrykmd | August 16, 2019

Agree 100%. The release of V9 was the beginning of the end for updates of value, at least for AP1 cars.

lilbean | August 16, 2019

+100 @barrykmd

booshtukka | August 16, 2019


dj-tesla | August 16, 2019


Tldickerson | August 16, 2019

@barrykmd , I agree completely with you on that one. Still on V8.1 2018.32.2.3817fdd here. After reading all the horror stories with these updates I'm glad I stopped them last year.

barrykmd | August 16, 2019

Tldickerson - Surprising you're still on V8. I thought I read some reports of Tesla forcing the V9 update on people who stayed with V8.

Tldickerson | August 16, 2019

@barrykmd yes, still on V8. The car about 8 months ago downloaded the V9 but I had Tesla (hammer) that's what they call it, to remove the download from my car. I've had my wifi turned off for months trying to keep the downloads from happening again. Having a 2016 P90D with AP1 the V9 offers me nothing that I want. | August 16, 2019

@Tesla954 - If you hate updates, just don't load them. You could still be on v8 like @Tidickerson!

Not sure I want the two engineers assigned to games and entertainment to be working on AP team. Totally different skill set. While I also could care less about games, seems many owners love those features - especially those with kids. Some owners didn't buy AP/EAP/FSD, should Tesla stop all development of those features because some don't use it?

Carplay has zero to do with development and I expect the fact Tesla doesn't want to give a huge portion of the infotainment system to direct competitors, ones where bugs are totally out of Tesla's control. Other automakers almost have to include it due to the crappy UI they have in-house. Then there is the total loss of privacy as CarPlay sucks up all the car's info and provides it to Apple for monetization. Lots of threads on CarPlay (pro and con), but I really don't see Tesla ever including it. The security issues alone are a huge concern that other automakers don't really care about yet.

Silver2K | August 16, 2019

Stop being old fuddy duddys and have fun!

Yeah it must really be annoying to allow updates (important or not) from your phone while relaxing.. oh boy yeah, that's really pissing me off.....!

Pungoteague_Dave | August 16, 2019

The interns have to do something - you wouldn't want them practicing on mission critical software, would you?

lilbean | August 16, 2019

That's great, @Tldickerson. I'm still on V8 too.

dborn | August 17, 2019

i agree 100% with barrykmd. These updates are a waste of space for 2014 cars. They occasionally also include “minor bug fixes” whatever that means - everything or nothing, but certainly nothing substantive from my viewpoint. Version 10 will not give me anything either.
What would be of value, which I dont think we will ever get, is the unlocking of the final available features of the IQ3 chip. I remain convinced there is still untapped value to be had there.

Silver2K | August 17, 2019

Operating system upgrades are extremely important. This allows Tesla to apply and perform tasks the old OS could not.

It's just like the OS on your iOS, Android and Windows devices, they also need updates and OS upgrades to apply new features.

Off topic: My big brother (best HVAC engineer in NYC) who I do not get along with at all, once told me he refuses to buy Windows PCs any longer, because of the annoying updates.

He bought a MacBook Pro to avoid updates......

That just proves to me that no matter how intelligent you are, you'll still make dumbass statements and decisions.

dsteal | August 17, 2019

Completely agree on the useless updates. In fact, my software was upgraded 3 times with apparently the same addition: chess. Yeah, now I can play chess when I... umm, yeah, no I won't play chess.

I agree even more with the comments about auto-pilot freaking out when not needed yet staying in the middle lane when it really shouldn't. The auto-pilot freaking out part makes it useless in the carpool lane. I've had it slam on the brakes enough times on me that I now just simply disengage it. Not that the whole feature is useless. I just learned when to turn it off or risk getting rear ended.

2015P90DI | August 17, 2019

How about realizing that the people that work on video games having nothing to do with AP tech or Google/Apple integration (Elon doesn't want it added, it's not because they can't). Tesla is constantly updating items for fixes and safety related issues, regardless of if they decide to include video games. If you don't have a use for the video games, don't play them! Rather than complain about it, appreciate that Tesla is the most technologically advanced car on the planet. If that's not good enough for you, you're more than welcome to go by a competitors car that has a better auto pilot system........Oh wait, there isn't one! I'm one that will criticize Tesla when warranted, but surprises me to see people complain about features Tesla gives you at no extra cost! Maybe they should charge separately for tires too! Who the heck needs a computer that rolls and drives!

dborn | August 17, 2019

The video games take up memory. They may also impact upon processing speed especially in older cars. An update for the sake of rolling out SOMETHING when they have abandoned upgrading earlier cars is no upgrade at all. And yes, I don’t play the games as you advise. If they are, as you suggest, updating safety issues and providing vital fixes, why not stipulate what has been fixed? “minor bug fixes” does not cut it when they drastically reduce your supercharging speed and sometimes available range without telling you. These changes, by the way, I would NOT classify as ”minor bug fixes and improvements”. Do you?

dborn | August 17, 2019

The company is apparently cash strapped. Certainly there has been major rationalization here in Sydney Australia, in terms of the staff distribution across their physical sites. You would think expensive software engineers time could be better spent than rolling out video games to the cars, but then again maybe you don't.

wilsr | August 17, 2019

I'm old enough to manufacture my own farts, thank you. I prefer concentration on the car's perfomance.

dougk71 | August 18, 2019

Updates maybe more useful to some and of little value to others. The error Tesla makes is in supplying possible safety fixes buried in cute features like game enhancements. Safety issues need to be extensively beta tested and downloaded as pure fixes with a separate release number. Fun and safety really don't mix well.

sr.smr | August 18, 2019

The phantom braking issue is getting Tesla a lot of bad press. Even HW3 equipped cars have this problem. Maybe Version 10 will be the answer.

Bill_75D | August 18, 2019

No, HW4 will be the answer (or 5, or 6, or...)

dsteal | August 18, 2019

Yeah, I'm sure if phantom breaking wasn't a hard problem it would already be fixed. And if HW3 doesn't fix it, it's obviously a software thing which is to be expected. | August 18, 2019

@dborn - Lots of misinformation!

- Tesla has $5B in cash. Not cash strapped.
- Annual Research and development expenses for 2018 were $1.46B
- Tesla has 2 engineers on games. If they are paid $150K each, that's 0.02% of the budget. Not going to break Tesla
- Games are downloaded when used, so they don't consume memory if you don't use them
- Games add value to the car, such that it may be wanted/desired by the next person buying your car, increasing the resale value

@Doug - "Fun and Safety don't mix"

I understand you hate fun, but I can see others quite enjoy it. Sounds like you must turn on Chill mode to reduce the fun of driving to be more pedestrian and ordinary. Maybe Tesla should create a "Funless" mode that turns the driving similar to a 2011 Smart Fortwo EV with a 0-60 time of 22 seconds and wallows like a dying carp.

As for safety, it may be safer to be playing a game while charging than smoking a cigarette or having a beer, although I guess some could do all three.

bruntonma | August 18, 2019

The only thing updates over the last 18 months or so have done for me is to degrade the functionality of my early 2016 90D.
Now I have to take a second to close the media player window every time I get in the car, my supercharging takes 25-40% longer than it used to, navigator is even less reliable than it was before (believe it or not) and the trip energy graph is less accurate than ever (and sometimes downright WRONG!).
I can't wait to see what I lose next time around. | August 18, 2019

@bruntonma - Odd, I have none of those issues in my 2016 S. I have gotten a lot of useful features in the last 18 months including dramatic improvements to AP. Other new features in the last 18 months that I can remember:

- Perpendicular Auto-park
- Camper mode
- Supercharger details on the map, including slots in use for all SCs nearby
- Removal of useless green traffic lines
- Auto wipers
- App access to release frunk and trunk
- App controls for seat heaters and steering heat
- Improved web browser
- PIN to drive option
- 360 view of cars around you
- Dog mode
- Sentry mode
- Login required to change remote access option
- Games

Now I don't use all these features, but I do see the value. To be fair, a few features are for AP2 cars only, but still plenty of new features for all cars.

barrykmd | August 18, 2019

TT: You have Koolaid intoxication again.

- Removal of useless green traffic lines

Not useless at all.
- Provided better visibility of the map for a driver's quick glance at it
- Provided confirmation that the traffic was moving normally, as opposed to no information at all, such as a road closure.

lilbean | August 18, 2019

Games. Haha!

Silver2K | August 18, 2019


Tesla has $614 million free cash flow added to their cash reserves after all their expenses and that's not counting the cash raise. That's an indication that Tesla is making money, not cash strapped.

started 2nd Q with 1.7 billion
stock cash raise of 2.7 billion
added free cash flow of 614 million at end of Q2

5.1 billion cash on hand.

You will continue to see high operation costs as they build new lines for the model y, pickup, semi and roadster vehicles. this is not counting Fremont factory buildout, gigafactory 1 build out, China factory, service centers and supercharger build out.

dborn | August 19, 2019

They have radically rationalised operations here in Australia. TT $300000.00 to develop games for a car! Really? Why don’t they just roll up dollar bills and smoke them?

PagemakersS75 | August 19, 2019

Agree with the OP 100%

About 4 updates ago here in the UK catastrophic changes were made to autopilot and NOAP rendering the system almost useless. Dangerous at best.

In the 3 years I’ve owned the car (V2) autopilot has never been so bad. I used to use it all the time. Now I never turn it on it’s that poor.

Then I see an update and I cross my fingers hoping my faith in the car will be restored. Nope... CHESS!!! Come on on God’s sake. Fix the real issues.

bruntonma | August 19, 2019 - very interesting list of items, some of which I would say are essentially useless.

I have always had perpendicular auto park and auto wipers, both of which have always worked very well.

What car do you have? Apparently not a 90 kw battery model. Mine is a pre-refresh 90D.

What is camper mode?

Supercharger details - nice, but not essential by any stretch. And not always accurate.
Removal of green traffic lines - also nice
App access to release frunk and trunk - basically a useless enhancement. They open just fine with the fob.
App controls for seat and wheel heating - yeah, that one's nice.
Improved web browser - still as useless as the unimproved one was.
PIN to drive - I suppose it could be useful if you don't change your fob battery and it dies unexpectedly.
360 view of cars - do you have AP2+? My AP1 won't do that.
Dog mode - Yeah okay useful for dog owners. I'm allergic, so useless to me.
Sentry mode - Seen it on a 3, but never seen it on my car.
Login required - don't know about this one either.
Games - Are you kidding? If I want to play games I'll use my phone. Then again, considering how long I now have to sit at superchargers, sometimes they are a distraction from the ridiculous time it takes to charge my throttled battery.

So the media player window doesn't pop up every time you get in the car? Where's the switch to turn that annoyance off?

rsrivast | August 19, 2019

It looks like Tesla is having trouble with advanced summon, which I consider is POC for FSD. If they cannot deliver advanced / smart summon, forget FSD. So yes, they have nothing else to offer except this games.

gildernew | August 19, 2019

It's a great car, and I appreciate the updates. I also understand why some folks are frustrated that Tesla is putting games and useless Easter Eggs on their car "for fun" while real problems confront the company. However, my 3 year old Volt never had one software update. GM essentially handed me the keys and provided no software updates at all even though they updated the OS for later Volts. I'll take the minor imperfections that may exist by pushing out so much code, knowing that each time the system improves. The software updates are/were a key buying point for me. | August 19, 2019

@bruntonma - What is useless to some may be valuable to others. Hard to say which ones fit any specific owner's need. Just a few comments on features you may not be aware of:

PIN to drive - A strongly asked for feature in Europe to reduce theft using a FOB relay attack. Never use it myself, and I think the latest FOBs are more resistant to that attack. Still, if you have an older car in a high crime area, it may be very valuable.

As I noted, some features are AP2, like Sentry and 360-degree view. Can't be done without the extra cameras. I do have a refresh S.

Login is another feature to reduce tow away and disable remote access thefts. Before this feature, a thief got into the car and could easily turn off remote access so that the car can no longer be tracked. This occurred a few times in Europe.

I was wrong on the media player - yep it's on when I get into the car. Happens to be the way I like it, but can see it be annoying if don't like any audio. One trick is you could record a one-minute of silence track into an MP3. Stick the file on a USB, and then set the audio options to replay the one track. You'll still get the media display, but it will always be silence, even if the volume is turned up.

johncrab | August 19, 2019

If I were to start a thread like this, the forum gang would show up with torches and pitchforks, but I find that kind of response amusing. I've been watching this thread grow and find it interesting that most responses tip toward the OPs point that a lot of these software updates are useless. I will add that some are really harmful (reduced battery capacity, pumps running 24/7, etc.) I still remember 2.17.2015 when an update disabled my #2 on-board charger and cut my charge rate in half. Back then I was able to get the service center's attention. No longer. Now they do nothing but run around putting out fires they have started. The fix for the fix for the fix. The more crap they cram into our cars, the more there is to go wrong and like some in this thread I have opted for no more updates. With some reporting loss of range, slow supercharging and other nasty changes, the risk is just too high. My car works and it works the way I like it. I would like to have the camera view on top back and I would like to have the idiotic games removed along with the fart sounds. I'd rather not be driving a six figure game console or a four-wheel joke.

As for supercharger status, my trip last week showed how useless that is. Empty supercharger showing it half-occupied. I guess that is so they can bill if I don't unplug immediately.

Dog mode will be very useful to some and they need to get that right. I used it once as a hoot when I left mom in the car to drop a package at FX and when I came back she barked at me. Nice touch and good to know she hasn't lost her sense of humour.

As for sentry and summon and all of that crap, my car doesn't have any of the hardware and for that and I'm grateful, so it doesn't matter to me. Web browser has always been a joke and my phone is faster and easier.

The "Cute" features remind me a bit of the owner's manual from the 1973 Chevy Caprice. It contained instructions on how to get blood and vomit out of the seats (I'm not kidding) but nothing practical regarding the mechanics of the car. It did sort of make fart sounds on a cold morning and on a hot day turning off the key left it "dieseling", so in terms of sound effects, GM had it all over Tesla way back then, just not by intent. The way those cars blew the proprietary A/C fuse was just magic though. Buy a box of 'em.

Finally, there is an old saying: IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON"T FIX IT! Thank you. Thank you very much. Elvis has left the building.

lilbean | August 19, 2019

Drove my V8 car today after spending over a year in the 3. Wow! It was heavenly!

dsteal | August 19, 2019

Oh, the sound of a V8. Nice. Throw in a manual transmission for extra fun. The Teslas will still fly by, but whatever. The smell in the garage sucks though.

lilbean | August 19, 2019

Haha! I meant version 8 software. :)

Ohmster | August 19, 2019

Or did she mean a Tesla still running V8 software? :)

Ohmster | August 19, 2019

*Argh damn delay in posting.....

lilbean | August 20, 2019

Yes. :) It was so easy to turn the air off that I forgot how to do it.

PagemakersS75 | August 20, 2019

Another update for me today. Rushes out to the car to see if any of the crappy UK autopilot features have been fixed. NOPE.....

Improvements to sketch pad
Fix for Chess
Improvements to dog mode

Not a single worthwhile fix for me in the last 4 updates.

Qwiksilver | August 20, 2019



reed_lewis | August 20, 2019

Personally I miss the green traffic lines. I found them to be useful because as @barrykmd said, it provided display of real actual traffic data being on the road compared to no traffic data. There is a difference that is accurately represented by the green lines. But then again, I am someone who is able to digest a lot of information from a busy screen. I would love an option to turn them back on so I can accurately know that the road is free of traffic stopage.

bruntonma | August 20, 2019,
I always pause the media player when I park, so there is no sound when I get in. At least they haven't changed that - yet. But all I used to do when I got onto the road is hit the mute button again and the music picked up where it left off. Now that stupid player window covers a third of the main screen and I have to minimize it EVERY TIME I get in the car - for no reason at all. Easy enough to do, sure, but why suddenly create the extra step? If they decide to implement something like that, they should at least provide an option to set that behavior how you want it.

SeaP90D | August 20, 2019

I love my Tesla more than any car or (inanimate) thing ever, but its a fact of human nature that software mistakes and shortcomings are a lot more profoundly and persistently irritating than hardware where psychologically you can quickly accept the inherent limitations and move on. So the reality is that in order to achieve Tesla owner piece of mind you've gotta be willing to accept Tesla's need to rely on coders who don't use the product enough to be able to appreciate what they're doing regarding the user interface. Maybe Tesla aftermarket support should include some Zen meditation, "...time does not heal all things but acceptance does.."

dborn | August 20, 2019

Agree with PagemakerS75. Got the same update. Yesterday on my signature S. Waste of time. Hoped they had fixed the 1 third longer supercharger time they sneakily added.

dsteal | August 20, 2019

The longer supercharging was probably introduced for safety and longevity reasons for the battery. I appreciate that one for sure. Maybe not ideal but still a good update.