Is Tesla rage a thing?

Is Tesla rage a thing?

I don't think I've been involved in any significant "road rage" incident in at least 25 years. But now I've had two incidents since July. In both cases, a driver started aggressively swerving at my vehicle in a threatening manner after a very minor incident. Once on the highway, and once in a parking lot.

Is this a fluke? Or is Tesla hate a thing out there on the roads?

lordmiller | August 22, 2019

There are Telsa haters out there for sure. Usually in giant trucks. Two ways you can go..... Beat the shit out of them and drive away really fast or.......... Just drive away really fast......... and leave them in the dust with there slow car!

legna_fo_htaed | August 22, 2019

It is very real. You'll get used to it. I enjoy flying by people who have purchased new cars and giving buyers remorse. Or watching the guys in giant lifted trucks girlfriend's break their necks to stare.

CharleyBC | August 22, 2019

It'll be interesting to see how the release of the Tesla pickup will affect this phenomenon. Will the availability of a kick-ass truck change the tune of the haters?

aptwo | August 22, 2019

I cut off on my way to work today by a big red truck. Plenty of room behind me and he chose to cut of me off. Not sure if it's hatred or just bad driving.

lilbean | August 22, 2019


gballant4570 | August 22, 2019

That fellow I left behind so quickly in the Porsche Carrera S sure looked pissed.....

jebinc | August 22, 2019

Luckily, I have yet to experience any Tesla specific rage here in the Puget Sound area - just rage. Now, when I drove my nice MX5 Miata, everyone cut me off - especially big 4x4 truck drivers, that were trying to make up for some other "deficiency"....

ST70 | August 22, 2019

Yes...every other day...mostly BMW owners and some trucks.

casun | August 22, 2019

road rage is a thing. i don’t believe there is any meaningful ‘tesla rage’.

ST70 | August 22, 2019

I launch when I can....I attract the idiots....

kevin_rf | August 22, 2019

I thought Tesla Rage was an ice cream flavor. I'm disappointed, and a little hungry.

wasabi5858 | August 22, 2019

Tesla hate is probably real and I would say probably deserved. If you hang around long enough, you would find a good number of Tesla forums users are as annoying as Prius owners with their stupid license plate and all. Please, most of us are not trailblazers about not using gas and all... many of us only switched to Tesla/EV because it has become convenient (performance and price wise) for us to do so and the second we take that leap, we turn around and spew all the BS since we are now on the "right" team.

Also, what do we tell a lot of people about Tesla? Instant torque. Great at stoplight, but we also say its great on freeway. you see a gap, you take it with that instant acceleration. What does that do to the driver you just cut in front? a sudden step on the brake before you pull ahead. These are the thing we are proud of.. things we tell others in our evangelism... quite annoying if you are the guy that just thought they will ram you in the back. just look at some of the reply on top... Tesla owners are sooo cool, untouchable with their instatorque . eat my dust!

swanson21 | August 22, 2019

I love my 2018 m3 AWD, but also drive a Loud (possibly intimidating to some sensitive individuals) Nissan Titan pickup...sometimes a little smart car will cut me off and I'm like...WTF! give some respect to the big trucks!

Also, I'm sure it's a scary "fight or flight" sorta reaction when you see a family sedan go from 0 to hyperspeed and be in your rearview mirror in a flash...some people will react to that in a "made you flinch" type way...try to be a predictable driver and not hyperspeed all the time...unless it's a BMW next to you...hahaha, who would buy one of those these days???

Shesmyne2 | August 22, 2019

I’m not sure it’s a Tesla thing.
On the way home from Vegas Sunday afternoon I, for the first time ever I think, called 911 from the road.
Some batshit crazy chic cut us off coming up in the shoulder to continue up 101 jockeying for position
at a much higher speed than traffic would allow. Weaving everywhere, and as it happens she actually wound up behind us after all her antics. When she pulled up beside us we both looked to see what kind of crazy was driving and we got the bird.

Point is, there are nuts out there on the road and Tesla or not we must be defensive and safe.

Still Grinning ;-)

4barkie | August 22, 2019

ST70 is usually moving too fast for anybody to see him let alone cut him off! Or so I've heard.....

Devilstower | August 22, 2019

What I get is not so much rage as people pulling up alongside me and gawking at the car. Which would be fine, if they didn’t keep blocking me in behind slow traffic.

ST70 | August 22, 2019

@4barkie- Shhhh! :-) next time you're in the area let me know if you want to launch it!

bp | August 22, 2019

I’ve noticed a small amount of it (Puget Sound). Definitely more than my limo-tinted A4 Avant, which nobody messed with, definitely less than my Honda minivan with student driver placards: everyone drives like an a hole around that.

MS43 | August 23, 2019

It's not just the big trucks. Had an absolutely unprovoked incident this morning with a Chevy Spark, of all things. Left him behind on a boulevard but he cut people off and weaved to get in front of me on the highway. He got into the HOV / Electric car lane illegally but I launched it, went around him and haven't seen him since! Is it envy or just stupidity? Why the hate?

TranzNDance | August 23, 2019

Why not both envy and stupidity?

aperfectecho | August 23, 2019

I've experienced it to a degree, but in all fairness, sometimes my fault-using EAP, especially earlier software versions, I sometimes had the "phantom braking" thing (overpasses, for example) that would cause me to somewhat brake-check the person behind me, unintentionally. So, some saw that as a reason to be aggressive towards me. I would wave an apology given the chance.
Other times, yes, people see the car, and hate it/you for whatever irrational reason. Just drive well, and enjoy your car

neylus | August 23, 2019

It's a thing. My theory is Tesla's are seen as the new "elitist" vehicle by some. Like we are looking down our noses at other drivers. I never brag or even discuss my car, but honestly, in my head I think I may be a Tesla elitist :-).

jimglas | August 23, 2019

I AM looking down my nose at ICE drivers

Tronguy | August 23, 2019

Rage against a car model Is a Thing. It's usually perpetrated by the class of people I'd call, "credulous knuckle-draggers.
Credulous because they Believe Everything They See or Read.
Back in the 2010 time frame decent, high-quality Priuses and not such high-quality Honda Insights hit the market. None of the traditional car companies had anything to compete with these high MPG cars, and so started making cars with "hybrid" on the label, but all they were doing was putting a starter motor on the flywheel of an ICE to give a little more oomph on acceleration (and worse gas mileage) - but it had that "Hybrid!" on the sticker.
At the same time the sizzle-sells-more-than-the-steak crowd got busy and put out an advertisement, which some of you may remember, where some poor Insight was shown going up a hill slowly, trailed by an elderly couple in a camper truck, and both passed by some four-door-car-we-want-to-sell-at-the-moment.
Finally, the financial news was full of malarkey on how much Toyota was losing on each car sold, the wheels were falling off the cars, and other [Boleshevik] nonsense.
And at the peak of all this, I started getting brake-checked, cut-off, and so on, mainly by knuckle-draggers in large pick-up trucks. On the Prius forums there were multiple reports of getting smogged by those big-ass pick-up trucks; it was about that time that states began to pass laws against that kind of thing.
Thing is, the trolls that run rampant on the Internet fora where the pick-up truck people live are pulling the same stunts, for the same reasons: The traditional car companies don't have anything to compete with Tesla, so they're going to the knuckle-draggers for support.
Of course, this time around, there's not going to be any ads on underpowered BEVs trying to go up hills, which must be frustrating for the ad agencies.
Anybody remember the NY Times reporter who put a Prius into Battery Only mode, then tried to climb Mt. Washington? And complained that the car couldn't do that? I don't remember if the rag ever ran a retraction. And kind of reminds me of the hit piece they did against the Model S, but got caught at it by Tesla this time around..

Bighorn | August 23, 2019

To be fair, I’ve seen some very aggressive Tesla drivers who would piss off even Mother Theresa. Some people are just competitive though and will try to prove something, especially in their chipped $70k truck. They’ll get to the exit first if it means doing triple digits to be in front of you. That, and a certain subset that assumes an environmentalist pedigree.

lilbean | August 23, 2019

Me too, @jimglass!

hcdavis3 | August 23, 2019

I have MA Fire Fighter plates on my 3. So far no incidents. I was going to go with the EV plates after I purchased my car, but said nah. Nobody’s rolled coal on me yet.

jimglas | August 23, 2019

I get the coal roll all the time in CO. Since there are no emissions testing, diesel drivers commonly "modify" their vehicles which improves mileage. And results in voluminous black smoke on acceleration

neylus | August 23, 2019

CO doesn't have emissions testing whaaahh? Now there's a head scratcher.

don.lind | August 23, 2019

I'm grumpy sometimes, so pardon my reaction here: rolling coal should give an instant "one month timeout" - your truck is impounded for a month if you do that. Plus a $1,000 fine. Purposely filthy exhaust... unacceptable. Granted, there's the "I just stomped on it to get going and, being a diesel, it does make some smoke" vs the "I have a "roll coal" switch that I can throw to adjust the mixture to be filthy and make extra pollution".

That said, I haven't seen rolling coal myself... seen videos, though.

Kary993 | August 23, 2019

I had an incident in a parking lot one night. The guy was stopped in the middle of the drive way blocking access to the parking lot. I politely tooted my horn because it was obvious he was not aware I was behind him though I would have thought given night time my headlights would have lit up his car, but he finally moved out of drive way and then parked access three parking spots. This was also frustrating since now there was only one other parking spot that was extremely tight since those cars were parked on the line on both sides. So I parked and got out with my wife and had to walk by the guy parked across the three spots. I looked at him and looked away. Within second he got out of the car and screamed "What are you going to do about it Tesla Faggot?"

Needless to say I turned, looked at him and said nothing and went on our way while he continued to scream many bad things. We got into the store where there was a family with kids and a young woman in her thirty's. My wife, being very intelligence realized the young women was the girlfriend/wife of the guy. My wife said, "Is that your husband in the blacked out BMW in the parking lot?" The women's face just went south as if her face was saying, "What did he do now?" She said yes. I said you better get your husband to chill out, my wife then said we don't use that language around here particularly where there are young children such as these right here. The woman said nothing and stormed out of the store.

I was fully expecting our Tesla to be damaged when we returned but then thought we sentry mode is on ;) . Everything was fine however. So yes there are clearly people out there that have rage toward Tesla and Tesla owners.

CST | August 23, 2019

I think that regen is one of the culprits. If there was an option to cut the brake lights when easing off the pedal after a quick pass, you might not look like you are brake-checking everyone.

HighlandPony | August 23, 2019

The hate is real. I was driving through the town of Beaver Dam AZ at the speed limit. A side by side ATV driving the opposite direction approaches. The passenger of the vehicle pulls out his side arm, points it at me and pretends to fire a round. They both start laughing, flip me off and continue driving down the road. ‘Murica.

jimglas | August 23, 2019

Do they have beaver dams in AZ?

mk4ce | August 23, 2019

TeslaRage™ is definitely a real in CO. Like I've said in my other posts, mostly the Dodge and RAM crowd have something against Teslas. Lately Subaru drivers have been pretty bad, but I doubt that has anything to do with Tesla. I’ve been put in some very dangerous situations because of people aggressive actions. Including times with my infant son.

Fracking and oil drilling/production is happening on all over CO. IMO, those workers see our cars as an enemy trying to kill their jobs.

As @Tronguy says: "It's usually perpetrated by the class of people I'd call, credulous knuckle-draggers. Credulous because they Believe Everything They See or Read." I can't agree more. I find myself getting into Facebook disputes against all the FUD out there. People will find a way to satisfy their opinions, rather than being open minded to BEVs.

I haven't been coal-rolled yet like @jimglas, but i'm sure its bound to happen.

jimglas | August 23, 2019

I doubt that they read, they just watch fox news and listen to right wing radio for their information.

posinator | August 23, 2019

Yes, it's a thing. And "Tesla cars are killing our jobs" or "credulous" is giving them waay too much credit.

These people are haters
These people are assholes
It makes them feel better about themselves
There are plenty of them

"Membership in certain controversial groups can satisfy both the need to be unique and the need to fit in with others. Often, people will turn to minority opinions to bolster their sense of who they are as individuals, and will use defiance to get attention" -K.Rios

tomasrey88 | August 23, 2019

Kary993, Next time, just drive away. The same thing happened to me and the guy damaged my car while I was shopping. No video, either.

My next youtube video is going to be how to apply touchup paint. Ugh...

tomasrey88 | August 23, 2019

My BIL said that whenever he sees people drive nice cars, he'd cut them off because he knows that they're going to slam on the brakes and not hit him since they have expensive cars. He tailgates Ferraris to make them speed up near speed traps so they get a ticket. He cuts off Teslas to piss them off. My BIL is a cop, too, BTW. He does this crap in his private vehicle, not in a squad car Your tax dollars at work!

ddorbuck | August 23, 2019

I was driving with my wife last weekend here in CT in my black model 3 on our way to one or our state casinos ( Mohegan sun ) and a blue Honda black tinted windows pulled up along side me. I looked over and the passenger was flipping me off. I pointed at him (nelson style from the Simpsons) and laughed. My wife laughed too. He kinda smiled then they made that pop muffler noise and went away. I was not sure it was road rage but maybe tesla hate or resentment I seem to see all the pimped out Honda's , Toyota's all trying with every fiber of their being to make some type of impression driving by me ... I usually laugh since I have owned many a VW, ford, jeep, etc and dont care for any of their insanity.

So back to topic, i do think there is a little tesla rage out there.

jjgunn | August 23, 2019

I tell everybody that listens....I would never (and I do mean NEVER) spend the same money I spent on my (2) Tesla's for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Ford, Chevy....(you get the idea).

Also. A bike took off on my right. I jumped on the P3D & kept right up to him. Next stoplight -- I rolled down my tinted window & tipped my cap to him. He looked at me stunned and said..."That car is fast!!" I smiled and said...."Your bike is fast." He laughed....then I said...."Have a nice night sir."

No rage, just good natured fun. Try a works wonders.

andy.connor.e | August 23, 2019

The best part about that story @jjgunn is that the biker wasnt pissed at you. Jaw dropping scenarios are the best.

cybergrafx | August 23, 2019

Yes, the hate is real. I never experienced any of the things other drivers have done to me since getting my Tesla. Especially lifted pickup trucks trying to run me off the road or coal roll me. This is not mine but check out this coal rolling video.

HOWEVER there is a flip side to the rage. I was telling some friends of some of the tesla rage incidents and they both said "Prius drivers are still the worst drivers but Tesla drivers are quickly becoming our second most hated driver because they always cut in front of us because they think they are so fast"

mk4ce | August 23, 2019

I wonder if any of this rage is derived from the fact that we have small rear left/right signal lights. Maybe people can't see the LED blinkers during the daytime?

Mike83 | August 23, 2019

About 4 years ago when I had the P85 a corvette wanted to race as he came on the freeway; I just wanted to test my acceleration and I floored it already going about 65; don't recall the speed I hit but the vet driver got pissed as he couldn't keep up and his car made a loud noise and he had to pull off the side. He was hitting his steering wheel. Probably some mechanical issue.
Recently, in my older age I let the EAP do the driving as I know what the car can do so I don't need to. Most people give me a thumbs up. My blood pressure is quite good.

Magic 8 Ball | August 23, 2019

Time to weaponize and get even.

Mike83 | August 23, 2019

I think nowadays Teslas are well known so our MS and M3 have no issues whether it is my wife or me driving.

cybergrafx | August 23, 2019

When a Tesla driver accelerates quickly to (safely) cut in front... The brake light turns on when the driver lets off the accelerator. This makes the other driver think that the Tesla cut in front quickly and slammed on the brake.

Mike83 | August 23, 2019

Never needed to cut in front as the other car is at least 4 blocks behind.

Earl and Nagin ... | August 23, 2019

It wasn't helped by the smug Prius drivers with the "I'm saving the planet by driving my Prius" bumper stickers, or those who thought that every drive was a opportunity for them to increase their mpg by blocking the carpool lane driving 35 mph. Then there those who plastered their bumpers with every polarizing, contentious left wing sticker they could find ...
Unfortunately, those activities by smug Prius drivers created a very strong, polarizing attitude both for and against the gas guzzling beasts. The Prius became an icon of "liberal" politics, more than a car.
Unfortunately, some of that has rubbed off on Tesla.
Fortunately, however, in my experience, Tesla has done a great job, of dispelling the myths that one had to drive in suffering in a punishment car in order to reduce one's need for oil and all of its ills. They've made a great car instead of an icon that one could either love or hate but arguably, one had to pick a side.
I've found most folks who drive trucks as their daily drivers, to be intrigued about not having to pay $75 for every gas fill. Some lament that a Tesla can't do what they can with their trucks.
But, of course, there are the idiots on both sides who sometimes make life unpleasant for others.
Our air and environment are too important for tribal bickering. We need to get everyone onboard, no matter what they may think about other things in life.
Go Tesla!