Cloudy Chrome Advice?

Cloudy Chrome Advice?

Noticed about a month ago one area of chrome trim surrounding back windows is clouding up, on both sides of the car. Wondering about a few things:

1. its not really uniform. in other words, its not happening to the other pieces, and so should i ask to have replaced? my 3 is 8 months old, 7500 mi, garaged daily, but sits outside during work.
2. in interim, or perhaps instead of having replaced, are there any recommended products that work well to clean them back up?
3. anybody else experience this with their 3? I did quick search and hadn't noticed so I'm thinking its a relatively unique experience.

pics here.

thanks in advance for advice.

geedub1023 | August 31, 2019

Following this. I noticed some "cloudlyness" on one area of trim as well. Oxidation?

Spartan24 | August 31, 2019

Oxidation Makes sense. But primarily one piece and inside of 6-8 months seems like maybe they had some bad pieces of trim. I’m sure they’ll do the right thing. I plan to call and see what they say and will report back.

geedub1023 | August 31, 2019

@terry.k.morrow +1

spuzzz123 | August 31, 2019

Brasso? Last resort I don’t know what that would do to chrome.

mmcp42 | August 31, 2019

I vaguely recollect that we used to clean chrome bumpers using aluminium foil dipped in coca-cola

casun | August 31, 2019

chrome? those trim pieces are plastic, aren’t they?

jebinc | August 31, 2019

Don't think the trim is "chromed". Could be polished metal of some time that has since oxidized.

becky.laviollette | November 15, 2019

Any update on this? We have the same problem with our Tesla and Tesla Service said it's not covered. They are blaming it on using a Touchless car wash even though the manual says to only use Touchless car wash.

vmulla | November 15, 2019

Is there cloudiness on the entire trim? Or just on some parts?