Car’s emergency braking perfectly prevented an accident this morning!

Car’s emergency braking perfectly prevented an accident this morning!

I was driving into work this morning, local streets, regular amount of traffic (not heavy bumper to bumper), have my car set to early forward collision warning and also have the emergency braking assist set, I wasn’t in autopilot, and the Mercedes in front of me started driving ahead quite quickly increasing distance between us so as I started accelerating. Speed picks up, I glance in the rear view, when in an instant several things happened within a couple seconds: (1) I hear the car warning alarms, (2) the Mercedes did a sudden stop, (3) I start to hit the brake, but (4) I feel the pedal pull away and down from the bottom of my foot, (5) I hear the brakes bite hard, as (6) my car comes to an immediate, total stop. Accident averted. Wow. Super impressed with all that happened in that instant! I’ve not had a car accident in the last decade so this was startling yet in the end oddly comforting. The car took control and did what I couldn’t. Fantastic!

Hal Fisher | September 11, 2019

Get a mem stick and remember to press and save after every event (it will grab the minute before). I had some idiot cut me off then give me the bird (priceless) but I forgot to save. Would have been a hilarious meme.

M3phan | September 11, 2019

Yep, I saved the event to my ssd just in case we tapped. We didn’t.