SR downgrade left only 208 miles of range

SR downgrade left only 208 miles of range

Anyone else get the software downgrade?

It happened to my SR two weeks ago, while I was evacuating for Hurricane Dorian. Unfortunate timing.

I am fine with getting the downgrade. It's what I paid for.

But instead of dropping to 220 miles, I dropped to 208. I have recalibrated four times now, with no change. Service tech claims it is adjusting to my driving style, but my wh/mi average has gone down significantly in the past month. Used to have lifetime average of 240 over 7000 miles, now I average 205 over the last 500 miles. Hard to believe my estimated range is going down when efficiency is going up.

Anyone else experiencing this? Has anyone had this issue fixed?

FISHEV | September 15, 2019

In this video, the original only got 192 miles in a fairly controlled test route that other EV's achieved their rated miles.

If you use StatsApp or TeslaFI, you can compare "Estimated Range" and "Rated Range" to see how your driving and resulting range match up to rated range.

Devilstower | September 17, 2019

Following the 2019.32.2.1 update, my SR+ has dropped to 206 at 90% or 226 at 100% with <4K miles. Which seems a little worrisome. I never got 216 at 90%. It was 212 to start with. But now ... hmm.

And yes, I know real world miles vary, etc etc. just a little concerning to see that number fall.

donald.l.williams.jr | September 19, 2019

My 100% charge went from 240 to 232 miles with the update....

VVFab4 | September 19, 2019

I'm on the same boat with you guys. Before the downgrade, my 90% is always on point 216, now 90% of 220 is supposed to be 198 but it shows only 192 and my wh/h is only 230.

goddesavatar | September 19, 2019

My long range went From 290/293 to 278/277 with last’s been 6 months that i’ve driven my car.
P.s: Backup camera is all black today. I will send an email to Service Center.

agkulcz | September 19, 2019

There have been a lot of reports of people's cars dropping projected range in the past couple of weeks. There have been multiple threads about it and it seems to be affecting cars of various ages with a wide range of total mileage on the odometer. My LR RWD that I've had since July 2018 was reporting a range of 307 miles since new which then got upped to 317 miles at 100% charge. It was like that for just over 18000 miles. When I was on software version 201928.3.1 it went from 317 miles to about 308 miles over the course of few days. I am thinking that this total range drop is rather widespread and it is something more than suddenly all these cars of various ages and mileages adjusting to driver habits as some people are suggesting. Just based on this suddenly happening to a lot cars, there has to be something else going on. Tesla is not acknowledging this officially and the service people are not aware of anything happening so they are just throwing out standard suggestions of re-calibrating which does absolutely nothing. All we can do for now is just keep reporting this to Tesla SC and see what happens.

kallian | September 19, 2019

Drive on Chill and stay at 65mph and report back on range.

Devilstower | September 19, 2019

I don't think anyone is concerned about their ability to eek out miles if they keep their foot extra light. The concern is whether of not the falling numbers represent an actual decline in battery capacity.

goddesavatar | September 19, 2019

I don’t understand that driving habits(!) when people say that..I can’t drive it like my grandpa or like crazy so fast.. I don’t even go to long trip with my car. I have bought it on March 2019. It’s been 6-7 months and losing range make me pissed off! I don’t want to lose even 2% within 6 months.

kallian | September 19, 2019

I keep iterating warranty statement with linear degradation opposed to sudden drops.
The linear warranty statement brings you to 1% drop per 4k miles.

goddesavatar | September 19, 2019

So,Is it normal to lose %2-3 with 6700 mileage?

kallian | September 19, 2019

That seems like more. But how the warranty is stated they include 30% drop over 120k miles. You can ask the service center, but its too early for them to even consider its degrading too fast.

-Ringer- | September 19, 2019

I have a LR RWD 2017 with 30k miles and at 100% charge I am only getting 260 miles. I’m freaking out. I drive from San Jose to Monterey everyday and pick up my co worker. I’m afraid to even drive to lunch because I typically limp home with only 30 miles left. Tesla better warranty this 0005xx car.

kallian | September 20, 2019

Wow that is quite a bit, and probably qualifies for replacement. You should only have about 24miles degradation.
You are at 17% degradation. So you will reach your 30% at 60k miles easily.
It still has todo with driving style, I would recommend AP with chill mode on. I know passing folks is pain on chill mode, thats why I always vouched for AP to have a chill mode toggle to use when on.

catoriswann | September 21, 2019

I really don't buy the whole adjusting to driving habits schpeal. Unlike other EVs, Tesla shows EPA rated range, not a real range estimate. EPA rated is a simple formula of remaining kWh times 227 wh/mile. It is literally that simple. No amount of hypermiling will change EPA rated range. The only thing that does is battery degradation.

You never hear of anyone getting more range than what the battery is rated for. If habits dictated range, you would have hypermilers getting 400 miles out of a LR battery. But you don't.

Having analized my wh/mi, my discharge rate, and my average energy ratings, there is no way in hell my range should be dropping bases on driving habits. It should be rising.

Looking at total range of 220, loss of now 15 miles, that is a 14.67% decline on range, with only 7300 miles on the odo. Meanwhile my lifetime average wh/mi rate had gone from 241 to 235.

So no, habits have nothing to do with it. Something is wrong with our batteries and we are being given a runaround.

catoriswann | September 21, 2019

And yes, my range has continued to drop down to 205. Every time I talk to a service technician they have me recalibrate with a deep discharge and charge to full. Every time I do that the range drops by another mile.

catoriswann | September 21, 2019

Math check...oops. 15 miles is only 6.8%...

MAB1980 | September 21, 2019


“EPA rated is a simple formula of remaining kWh times 227 wh/mile. It is literally that simple.”

Should be: Wh * miles/Wh

pmagid | September 21, 2019

This is speculation on my part but I only noticed this around 2019.32.1...... Is it possible Tesla changed the algorithm for estimating range some time recently and that is why there seems to be an apparent uptick in these reports of range loss....

kallian | September 23, 2019

Driving habits do matter. If you constantly go up 100mph is a lot different than 80mph and 65mph.
EPA rating for highway is no more than 65mph. So if you think going 70mph will give you same range, then you cannot call it EPA rating.
It draws way more power at 100mph, your battery will be impacted by doing those runs.
This is how all batteries work, high discharge and high charge cause changes in the battery to lose capacity.
Lower discharge gives you more life on the battery.
Google around battery for higher discharge rates and degradation.

Baby your driving on chill watch your wh/mi decrease hence calculation of your range going up over period of a week.

calvin940 | September 23, 2019

OP is making statements without having the knowledge. There are plenty of long time owners (and even not so long owners) that have validated that driving habits affect energy usage and thus range. I have also seen this very clearly from personal experience with my car. It's easy to know when I have been naughty and when I have been nice.

it is true in ICE and true in EV plain and simple.

terminator9 | September 23, 2019

They have to slowly take some away so they can do news at some point that everyone is gaining 2% by a software update so we all can feel good about it.

calvin940 | September 23, 2019

Yup.. and they steal your candy too! Whhaaaahhh!

kallian | September 23, 2019