Rear spoiler

Rear spoiler

Hi, according to the manual “To allow the spoiler to automatically move as described above, touch Controls > Service > Spoiler > Automatic. To disable automatic movement of the spoiler and keep it in its extended position, choose the Extended setting.”
My car doesn’t offer any option to deal with the spoiler.
Any ideas?

artc1688 | September 16, 2019

what year in your MX

AlexSV | September 16, 2019

One day old. 2019.

tangosquared | September 16, 2019

My reading on the forums is that the "active spoiler" was originally an option on the Performance Option models, but has been replaced by a "fixed" spoiler now on all models. However, I can't say that my data is necessarily accurate.

gazzy644 | September 16, 2019

It's fixed.

inconel | September 16, 2019

At the very early beginning all X had the moving spoiler as the fixed one was not ready. Then only the Performance models got movable spoiler. Then it became fixed for all.

AlexSV | September 16, 2019

Ok. Thank you.

jimglas | September 16, 2019

so its been fixed?

losangelesram | September 16, 2019

It is fixed. Kind of like a dysfunctional toy. hope they could remove it for me!

lilbean | September 17, 2019

A fixed spoiler is not a good fix, IMO.

sunsinstudios | September 17, 2019

My $0.02, I think the X would look sleeker without a spoiler.

lilbean | September 17, 2019

Like a giant Prius. Haha!

inconel | September 17, 2019

FWIW I like the look of the X with the spoiler extended. On my car when the spoiler is retracted the back looks strange, like a deflated balloon.

AlexSV | September 17, 2019

I actually don’t like this ironing board.

bbordelon | September 18, 2019

It's fixed, until it gets yanked off in the car wash. (no this didn't happen to me, but the local car wash won't take it through because it's happened to other X's).

Redmiata98 | September 23, 2019

My 2016 performance has the functional options alex cites at the start of this thread. Mine moves during operation.

maristjaa | September 28, 2019

They had to stop making the movable spoiler because of the break light. Since the light can be hidden when it is retracted it was causing regulatory issues.

Passion2Fly | September 30, 2019

only 2016 models have the active spoiler. it's gone now.
it's great to open the trunk inside the garage. the fixed spoiler can hit the ceiling.

inconel | September 30, 2019

The movable spoiler may not hit the ceiling but it's very good at pinching our fingers :-)

losangelesram | October 3, 2019

Add me to the list of people who hate to see the fixed, dysfunctional spoiler. They should do a recall and remove it from obstructing the rear view.

Pungoteague_Dave | October 3, 2019

It does not obstruct the rear view at all. Virtually invisible in the rear view mirror

bikeandsail | October 4, 2019

I had a 2016 with the active spoiler, it was a pain. Always worried about it freezing in the winter. My 2017 has the fixed spoiler much better simpler designed for cruising speed ( only time it matters ) almost invisible in the mirror. Good improvement.