Tesla posts another 7:23--full 12.9 mile course.

Tesla posts another 7:23--full 12.9 mile course.

Another day, another beating. Beatings will continue until morale improves.

jimglas | September 18, 2019

Awaiting Darth to show up and post his BS denials

TabascoGuy | September 18, 2019

Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me... | September 18, 2019

@jimglas - He's likely switched back to saying how his Hummer is environmentally better than a Tesla. I'm sure he expects the Hummer is wonderful on the track too!

Tropopause | September 18, 2019

Thanks for the update, BH!

Go Tesla!

nukequazar | September 18, 2019

@Bighorn, is there a link to this? Not doubting you just would like to see it/read about it. Everything I'm finding is vague.

Bighorn | September 18, 2019

Read up thread as well for details about track measurement.

rsingh05 | September 19, 2019

It's 7:20 now. Targeting 7:05 next month. Time to go home Porsche and please try harder next time.