Linking profile to cellphone

Linking profile to cellphone

Both my wife and I drive our 3 and we have separate profiles. It would be great if our phones would be linked to our profile. Then whoever was driving would automatically have their phone linked to the car for hands free calling

EVRider | September 19, 2019

Already implemented for Model 3, has been for almost 2 months. See this thread in the Model 3 forum:

Ocala.Joe | September 21, 2019

After your phone is linked to each profile turn off the phone bluetooth to the one not driving before approaching the car, this way the driver settings will auto set to the one driving (bluetooth on). Great feature!

EVRider | September 21, 2019

You don't have to turn off Bluetooth for the other phone, as long as the driver opens their door first. When I drive our Model 3 with my wife in the car, it always selects the correct phone.