Beautiful Jag my rear window

Beautiful Jag my rear window

I knew what would happen as I pulled up. The white jaguar coupe with new paper tags was beautiful. I have the slowest Model 3. RWD, LR. And it was dirty.

We were both in front with a red light. 50 mph after the light. The young woman revved her engine, I looked over and nodded yes. I don't speed. I do often accelerate.

The light turned. It seemed like 30 seconds but my math side says it was 2 seconds. I made it to 50 mph, jag 3/4 of a car length behind me. I slowed to speed limit.

She pulled beside me and gave me the big mouth bass look. Open mouth with words you could almost hear in her head saying "This isn't supposed to happen." My exit was coming up. I smiled, waved, and took my exit.

I am not a car guy. I have way too much self love and don't need a car to make me feel worthy. But I have to really is fun owning a Tesla.

andy.connor.e | September 20, 2019

People dont believe in electric technology yet. Key word there though, 'believe'. and 'yet'.

vmulla | September 20, 2019

I'm sorry she just discovered the EV advantage after paying for a new Jag :(

Garyeop | September 20, 2019

I am sure that first payment will be harder to make now. But Tesla does accept trade ins. :)

majassow | September 20, 2019

Doesn't Jag have a 7 day return policy?

Garyeop | September 20, 2019

I don't understand how anyone paying $50k or more for a car wouldn't test drive a Tesla. That would lock in the Tesla. I guess even overpriced cars with a history of breaking down have loyal customers.

jebinc | September 20, 2019

Jags = electrical problems.

Tropopause | September 20, 2019

I'm sure the Jag dealer REALLY tried to convince her to get the iPace instead of the ICE Jag. ;)

RADEAN84 | September 20, 2019

Not long ago, I was one of those guys with the hopped up car, loud exhaust, more power than the tires could put to the ground, thinking I'd smoke every car that dared to roll up next to me. Most times, that was exactly the case. That was before Tesla. I now drive around in a red SR+ smoking everything that wants a piece with the instant torque and tons of traction. I hear these loud cars revving and downshifting as they come up to stop lights and I just sit there silently smiling knowing that they'll be in the rear view when green comes. It's a good feeling, a feeling I never thought I'd experience or appreciate.

NateM3 | September 20, 2019

Sorry to be picky but I am pretty sure your LR RWD is not the slowest Model 3 anymore. It shoild be a few tenths quicker to 60 than my SR+, which in turn is a few tenths quicker than the SR. They are all quick, but where the big difference is the performance model. I suspect 30-60 is pretty similar for all non performance models - with little/no difference betweeen your car and LR AWD.

At the point I learned how to drive the Corvette was not as quick than even the SR trim. These all seem like crazy bargains considering the performance / total cost to own. It is nuts.

TranzNDance | September 21, 2019

I saw a beautiful coupe letting out a passenger in a parking lot. I looked for a logo as it drove away to see what it was. I saw the Jaguar logo and was surprised since so many of the ones I've seen looked unremarkable. I was not impressed with the exhaust noise though. It's like a gorgeous person letting out great loud stinky fart.

spuzzz123 | September 21, 2019

You don’t have the slowest model 3. The are midrange and short range variants that are supposedly slower

Garyeop | September 21, 2019

Slowest or not. It is like being the poorest Billionaire. Lol. I also had an experience with the handling. Drove to see family in the country where the roads end. It was 11 pm. A vehicle pulled up behind me with high headlights. I spend up, he did too. I figured it was a good ol' boy not liking the sports car. I pulled away, loving how the low center of gravity let me take the curves. The trailing vehicle almost left the road. And then he turned on the police lights. It was a state trooper in a SUV. He said I was doing 70 around 90 degree turns. He understood my reason for pulling away. No speed limits on the road, and had pulled up on me because he had never seen a Tesla. A friendly conversation later and he let me go. He did say he had never seen a car that could corner like that, and that no one out runs a radio. :)

TranzNDance | September 21, 2019

Cool police story, with a good ending.

Bighorn | September 21, 2019

No one outruns a radio? Yeah, no:)

inconel | September 21, 2019

Radio is light speed. I thought Plaid was above light speed?

Stinnett | September 21, 2019

My dear inconel, as I've said so many times, nothing in normal space is faster than light speed, lad. Although I must admit, my friend Elon might yet have a trick or two up his sleeve, nein? The boy continues to make me proud.

gballant4570 | September 21, 2019

I speed....sometimes..... I guess I would have missed out on the large mouth bass look....

Einstein, what is on the other side of the event horizon?

rxlawdude | September 21, 2019

@gballant, I asked my dog, Einstein, your question. The answer is grrrwoof. :-)

Stinnett | September 21, 2019

Mr. gballant4570,
The other side of an event horizon, which ist an entirely conjectural thing mind you, is the same as is on this side. According to my own theory of general relativity, everything everywhere ist governed by the same laws of physics. Therefore an event horizon is an entirely unremarkable place.

But I acknowledge others dispute this. You may know of Stephen Hawking; he says information and even mass can escape a black hole. In quantum theory, of which I think little, a veritable wall of fire will burn anything passing through it to a crisp!

I suggest this question ist better directed to Herr Musk, who, I believe, has been there. Perhaps he ist from there! That would explain much.

Playfully yours,