Turn off Smart Summon standby to minimize battery drain

Turn off Smart Summon standby to minimize battery drain

For those that don't know, Smart Summon uses battery when not in use similar to Sentry Mode if "standby" mode is on (default)

To turn it off:
Go to Autopilot under car's menu -> tap standby mode -> toggle off

This will also get rid of "Come to me" from main screen since standby mode is off, however will show up in summon tab -> smart summon -> tap the target icon at top right.

shawncordell | October 5, 2019

Thanks. I didn’t know this.

GHammer | October 5, 2019

I haven't seen any additional drain since smart summon. Certainly not anything near to Sentry.

teslamazing | October 5, 2019

I have yet to test. I turned it off since day one. For sentry I get about 1 mph.

M3phan | October 5, 2019

It technically doesn’t get rid of “come to me“, it just removes the come to me prompt from the app home screen… Come to me is still available under the summon screen

M3phan | October 5, 2019

And yes turning off standby mode is a good option, as it doesn’t take all that long to warm up the cameras anyway

teslamazing | October 5, 2019

Do u mean “ go to target” cuz that’s not the same ..

M3phan | October 5, 2019

Nope. On the summon page, press the target icon top right and it switches to Come to Me

82bert | October 5, 2019

M3phan is correct.

teslamazing | October 5, 2019

With standby off or on though ? Regardless ?

M3phan | October 6, 2019


M3phan | October 6, 2019

Actually I typed that too quickly. I only know with standby turned off in my experience. I shall check and see.

teslamazing | October 6, 2019

Oh wow your right. I never tapped the target icon. Thanks.

M3phan | October 6, 2019


teslamazing | October 23, 2019

Bumping since a lot of ppl have been c/o unknown battery drain.

Kathy Applebaum | October 23, 2019

Thanks for the bump. I missed this previously.

deankedes | November 19, 2019

Actually, the drainage can be up to 18 miles per day according to those like myself who have left the car at the airport between 8 and 18 days and monitored the loss of range. e.g. I parked it at the airport with 161 miles range remaining and 18 days later it read 36. The Tesla folks diagnosed the issue as leaving the Smart Summons on but for now there is no way to turn it off using the phone app! This is clearly a mistake and should be corrected ASAP. It does turn off at 20% battery capacity but it's still a serious concern. I limped at 45 mph without heat and dimmed headlights to a SuperCharger 24 miles away at night when I returned.

EVRider | November 20, 2019

@deankedes: Do you disable Sentry Mode when you park at the airport? That uses more energy than Summon Standby, 1-2 miles per hour.

stevenmichelsen | December 5, 2019

Yikes! I am in the same boat as we speak - my car is at the airport draining 20+ miles a day keeping smart summon ready to go! Fortunately I calculate I will have a small buffer to get myself to the closest supercharger when I get back. This sorely needs to be a button in the app.

stevenmichelsen | December 5, 2019

deankedes, I wonder if Tesla can "reach into" one's car and turn off smart summon standby remotely.