Software update triggers car alarm

Software update triggers car alarm

A few weeks ago I installed the 10.0 software update overnight. Imagine my surprise when, at 3:45am, the car alarm went off as it was parked in my garage.

This now seems to be a new, permanent "feature". Another update a couple of days ago, same 3:45am Tesla car alarm during update.

I rebooted my car (press both thumbwheels). This morning, I just tried a manual "update now" via the app. Once again, my car peacefully sitting in the garage, triggers the very very loud car alarm during the software update.

Is this expected behavior? How can I stop the car alarm from going off during software updates?

NKYTA | October 12, 2019

First I’ve heard of it. What month/year car?

Howard | October 12, 2019

The same thing happened for the first time yesterday with the 12.2 update to my 2016 75D.

EVRider | October 12, 2019

I’ve heard other reports of this, but fortunately it didn’t happen to me when I updated to V10 (32.12.2) last night, especially because I was parked near several condos in an otherwise very quiet resort.

akikiki | October 12, 2019

That's just the ghost of the car wanting attention.

bb2000 | October 12, 2019

My 2016 70D just did this! The dash said Service Required. I scheduled service, hopefully they know of the issue?