winter tires

winter tires

Hi all,

I am shopping for winter tires, and guy at costco said that for tesla model 3, the speed rating needs to be W (which is 168mph), but he said it's not about the speed, but that rating also means it can accomdate heavier cars like the tesla.

I don't think this is true, but wanted to know other opinions.

I am interested in bridgestone blizzaks or michelin x-ice, both are rated 'H'


calvin940 | October 12, 2019

I have X-ICE3s and used them last winter. They performed excellently. The site that I ordered from allows you to put together a tire package based on make, model and year and the X-ICE3s were in the list as selectable for that vehicle along with a number of others. Since I ordered sensors, rims, and tires, they mounted, inflated, and balanced them for free and shipped them to me ready to be installed.

Bighorn | October 12, 2019


FISHEV | October 12, 2019

I'm going with the "oversized" 255/40R18 Pilot Alpin PA4 per this thread on oversizing tires to get protection from road rash on the rims. Loved the Xices on the Subaru and would get them again but they don't appear to come in the 255/40R18 size.

Since I have road rash on the wheels (the black wheels underneath the Aero hubcaps), I'm having the wheels fixed and powder coated silver and the Pilot's mounted by the wheel shop which includes balancing when they do paint.

Saves a few bucks and I'll get it all done at once, day or two at the wheel shop.

howard | October 12, 2019

calvin940 I have X-ICE3s and used them last winter. They performed excellently.

+1 swapped out my 20s for 18s just in time for Denver’s first snow last Thursday.

calvin940 | October 12, 2019

" just in time for Denver’s first snow last Thursday."
You folks got absolutely shit on. 70 degree drop in 24 hours. wowzers. total bummer. Hopefully that didn't result in too many accidents for your area. I know the first snowfall every year here always results in a inordinately large amount of accidents.

howard | October 12, 2019

calvin940, yah lots of accidents. First snow is always bad but was worse this year. The drop set a record. Crazy!!

HalliBee | October 12, 2019

Bighorn is right, Costco guy is wrong. Both Blizzaks and X Ice are excellent choices.

coleAK | October 13, 2019

My Nokian Hakka 9’s are “T” speed rated, just put them on for the 2nd winter last week. Don’t think I’ll ever go over 118 mph in the winter.