What is a "Raven"?

What is a "Raven"?

I suspect its more than simply a black tesla with a black interior

PrescottRichard | October 17, 2019

Corvus Corax.

It’s that generation of Models S & X that are being made now and were announced to have that improved suspension, Model 3 motor up front (a rear model 3 motor) giving more range. Those were the two BIG things that comes to mind with the new model. I wanna say there’s a 3rd, most things are bundled in 3s these days.

So if you’re looking at 2019 Models S or X and you see that suspension mentioned it’s a Raven model. It’ll have like 10% better range than the earlier 2019 versions as well.

jimglas | October 17, 2019

thanks! | October 17, 2019

Other changes in Raven include:

200 kW Supercharging on a V3 Supercharger
Beyond the new front motor, improved bearings and tires for overall improved efficiency and range
The new HW3 AP processor

BumblebeEV | October 17, 2019


PrescottRichard | October 18, 2019

Thanks TT, I knew there were some more items.

One thing that I’m still not 100% on- the new front motor does regen now? I guess that is a minor detail.

Uncle Paul | October 18, 2019

Regen feels about the same as with my previous 75X, but maybe a little bit stronger.

Also get the newest generation "E" battery pack.

All Ravens now come with premium interior with alcantara headliner, accent LED interior lights, bright trim on hatch latch, turning/fog lights, and latest displays.

I am just blown away at how much quieter, smoother and better handling the new adjustable suspension is.

PrescottRichard | October 18, 2019

I’m gonna have to stop reading this thread. I can barely afford my 2016 S!