Why no clock?

Why no clock?

I love the latest update and the new Entertainment options are great, but ...

When I'm watching Netflix or Hulu there is NO clock visible anywhere on the vehicle displays.

Was this just missed? Can this be added?

Does it help that my name is Joe?

jordanrichard | October 17, 2019

Look at your phone........

JoeRyan425 | October 17, 2019

I could also look at my phone to watch Netflix and Hulu, but that isn't the point now is it? : )

Maxxer | October 17, 2019

Use phone

There is no clock at the cinema theatre for full experience

blue adept | October 17, 2019

@jordanrichard & @Maxxer


Other things that you might miss are the fumes typical to ICE vehicles, a variety of vehicle and road noises, oil & filter changes, etc.

David N | October 17, 2019

Point taken, but....
When watching movies, wether on your phone, on your Tesla screen, at home, or in a theatre, I don’t think anyone wants expects a clock/time display on the screen.

NKYTA | October 18, 2019

When I go to see a movie, I really miss Apple CarPlay.


andy.connor.e | October 18, 2019

stop leaving late, then the time is irrelevant.

JoeRyan425 | October 18, 2019

I'm sorry I hadn't realized I was posting on Twitter for random unconstructive trolling, but I guess that is now the new norm no matter where you go.

I'm talking about the status like at the top of the display that fades when you're watching but comes back when you tap the screen. It currently shows the temp, and volume settings. It just seems odd there is no clock also on this status bar.

reed_lewis | October 18, 2019

@joeryan425 - Welcome to fanboy central where anything you say that is disagreed on is attacked unmercifully.

Anyways, I agree with you that if you tap the screen, the volume, temp, and time ought to be displayed.

But when the movie is playing, then there should be nothing but the movie of course.

JoeRyan425 | October 18, 2019

I get everyone's passion for Tesla. I drive one and I too "believe", but man are people jacked up on Tesla juice? Is there some new sports drink Elon has out that I'm not familiar with?

@reed_lewis - perhaps I should have started with....

Huge, huge Tesla fan. I got many shares is TSLA. Love my X and hate my EX. Oil is bad, electric is good. Now that we've saved Earth we should do something about farting Martian cows. Also, does anyone know if they sell a windmill to Tesla wall charger adapter?

Oh and one tiny insignificant thing and I feel silly even mentioning it because there is literally no reason to mention it because I'm so content and no new features really ever need to be made; perfection has been achieve really. But, why is there no clock displayed on the status bar when in entertainment mode? Yea you're all right, I shouldn't have mentioned it.

NKYTA | October 18, 2019

@Joe, add your suggestion here :

I'll be happy to upvote it even though my 2012 S doesn't have theater mode.

blue adept | October 22, 2019

Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but what are...'watches'?

Uncle Paul | October 23, 2019

Amazon has a nice one, with a suction cup that could fit nicely on your dash :(

Would be nice if display has a clock.

Korafant | October 23, 2019

I love our first world problems. Most people in Africa subsist on less than $1/day.

reed_lewis | October 24, 2019

Ahh yes, the old 'first world problems' response. I was waiting for this one to appear.

jimglas | October 24, 2019

its definitely not a 3rd world problem.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | October 24, 2019

I’d be happy if they could show the car’s speed while I’m watching Netflix. I’m pretty good at guesstimating but would feel better if the speed was superimposed in the upper corner of the movie I’m watching.

TranzNDance | October 24, 2019

It would be tragic to have third world problems in the first world.

Tesla2018 | October 24, 2019

I wish the gps would know that I am on the drive thru at McDonalds and automatically roll down my window as I approch to pick up my food. I am getting pushbuttonitis from having to press buttons or the screen on this car.Jane Jetson sufferred from this in an episode if you are old eniugh to remember the cartoon series.
Also wish the cupholders were big enough to hold the 64 ounce Wawa soda containers since us fat Americans eat and drink more calories in a day than other people eat in a week.

nukequazar | October 25, 2019

“JoeRyan425 | October 18, 2019
I get everyone's passion for Tesla. I drive one and I too "believe", but man are people jacked up on Tesla juice? Is there some new sports drink Elon has out that I'm not familiar with?“

+1 Perfect. I call it the Tesla cult mind warp.

nukequazar | October 25, 2019

@Korafant, you should definitely sell your Tesla and donate 100,000 subsistence days to Africa. If you’re not willing to do that then you have no business disrespecting another owner’s constructive criticism of this first-world product.

jimglas | October 26, 2019

@nnuke: is that mind warp anyting like this?

nukequazar | October 26, 2019

@jimglas, precisely.

TeslaG | October 28, 2019

@Joe, because of all the fanatics (trolls) the official Tesla forum is 2nd rate compared to TMC.

blue adept | October 29, 2019


You can keep that knock off forum to yourself, thank you.