Model Y Tow Package?

Model Y Tow Package?

Does anyone know if Tesla plans to offer a tow package for the Model Y like they have for the Model X? I couldn't find any detail on the Tesla website under the Model Y section.

Korafant | October 21, 2019

I am posting this.

David N | October 21, 2019

Nothing from Tesla so far.
Keep in mind they you can’t compare the X to the Y. Totally different , X is much larger. If Y does have a tow capacity I would assume it will be 1,000lbs and under.

David N | October 21, 2019

That you can’t

greg | October 21, 2019

@David N
Model 3 is rated for towing up to 910 Kg, or about 2000 pounds in old fashioned "Imperial" measurements.
If you are in the EU or UK you can order an official factory fitted Tow package option on new Model 3s right now.

I doubt Model Y will be rated for a lesser towing capacity.

Of course, when it is offered remains to be seen but if its offered for 3 in the US or North America it will likely be offered for the Y.

Or maybe you just buy the Tesla Truck instead?

Uncle Paul | October 22, 2019

Coming soon!

andy.connor.e | October 23, 2019

I am very interested in the truck. But the more expensive the Tesla i shoot for the longer i will be waiting to afford it.

vswendsen | October 26, 2019

I am sure there will be after market tow packages for the Y just like there are for the 3. Look up Stealth Hitch which makes one for the M3. That is what I have.

noleaf4me | October 26, 2019

I'm hoping they boost the LR versions of the Y and 3 sooner than later. Would love for my future model Y to have a 350 mile range!

sosmerc | October 26, 2019

Aftermarket hitch and wiring isn't going to cut it unless Tesla officially approves the use and design. I would rather not take a chance of having any warranty issue "surprises" due to towing. I am confident the car will be able to meet my towing requirements, but I will not spend the money on any vehicle unless I know there won't be warranty issues. Also I would hate to be in some kind of accident while towing and have the whole issue of liability come down on me if it was discovered I was using the vehicle outside of its design parameters.

sosmerc | October 26, 2019

A 350 mile real world range would indeed be awesome!

louiedajew1138 | December 12, 2019

The Mrs. is looking at the Model Y after driving the Model 3. We need something to tow our skiff that weighs in around 1400lb on the trailer. If the Y does 2 or 3k that would work out pretty good...