Tesla Customer service has improved (at least in my experience)

Tesla Customer service has improved (at least in my experience)

As others here know, I have at times complained about the lack of good service with Tesla. I will not go into those times.


I recently had two great service experiences that I wanted to share.

This is in multiple posts because the forum here would not accept it all together for some reason....

reed_lewis | October 25, 2019

1. It was raining quite heavily a few weeks ago, and my wiper blades were streaking. My windshield fluid pump was also not working as it should. It would spray sometimes, and other times it would look like it was barely working. I went into a local service center on a Friday afternoon about 3 pm, and asked if I could buy new wiper blades and mentioned about the fluid pump. They replaced the pump, blades, and I was out the door in about 1.5 hours. I was past my 50K mileage so I paid for the motor, but it is under $40 for the motor, and the total cost for blades and pump installation was about $200.

reed_lewis | October 25, 2019

2. The halo bar on the headlight has dimmed for the fourth time. I created a service visit for onsite service for a week for now since the issue was not time sensitive, and within about 30 minutes got a text message from someone asking for me to send pics of the headlight, and my headlight settings. When I did this, the person said that since this has happened before, they would prefer to have it done in a center to allow for adequate diagnosing of the issue and scheduled me an appointment in a center after asking which center I preferred.

In both cases, this is level of service I expect from Tesla, and Tesla is delivering on that service. If Tesla can keep this level of support, then I will be happy.

Maxxer | October 25, 2019

Got 2 excellent service experiences too