Should I contact Michelin for my 5/32 worn 8,900 miles tires?

Should I contact Michelin for my 5/32 worn 8,900 miles tires?

Is it worth the hassle to contact Michelin for 5/32’’ after 8,900 miles or it’s considered normal wear for Tesla tires?

Thanks for advices

Spartan24 | November 2, 2019

Sounds a little too worn at that mileage to me but depends how you drive I suppose. I have 9,600 miles on my Tesla and I’m guessing around 8,000 of those are on the summer Michelin tires. Just yesterday I swapped out for my winters. Discount tire measures 8/32 on fronts and 7/32 on rears. I don’t drive like a lazy Sunday but I don’t get after it that much either. Mostly straight line acceleration occasionally.

lilbean | November 2, 2019

A tire shop employee told me that car dealers use cheaper tires even though it’s the same tire at the tire shop. He said the ones that dealers put on are made from a cheaper rubber that wear faster. I have no idea if that’s true but that’s the story he gave me. Sounds weird. Maybe he was just trying to reassure me that the same tire bought from them would last longer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bighorn | November 2, 2019

Depends on the tire. Michelins are all over the map, plus you probably need proof of rotation. Don’t know that 5/32 has passed any threshold guarantee yet.

vmulla | November 2, 2019

+1 @Bighorn about the threshold for warranty.
It is 4/32 inches before they consider anything for general wear on Michelins.

My advice, make sure your proof of diligent care is in order before you do the next step at 4/32. I was in your situation at ~10k (can't remember exactly) and 5/32. I switched to chill, eased up on my spirited driving and got my paperwork in order. I reached out to warranty at 3/32 mark. Invest $3 on a tire depth guage, it helps you a bit.

gballant4570 | November 2, 2019

I changed out the OEM Michelins at 13.5k. They weren't down to 1/8 tread, but were not that far from it. I just don't run worn tires. Based on my experience, there isn't a set of those Michelins made that would run rated mileage.

If you want to take it up with Michelin, do as vmulla suggests.

Raffim | November 2, 2019

Hell yes you should. The have a warranty program and with your low mileage should cover almost the new cost of new tires.

Maxxer | November 2, 2019

I’ll have to wait at 4/32 next season?

M3phan | November 2, 2019

Which Michelin’s are you talking about? The OEM for the long range rear wheel drive, 18 inch, are 7/32 new. 5/32 is hardly worn imo

Bighorn | November 2, 2019

It’s like trying to collect life insurance on a sick relative.

beaver | November 2, 2019

Normal especially if RWD or P. Keep stomping the pedal, tires are nearly all the maintenance you will have to do on your Tesla.

vmulla | November 3, 2019

18" stock Michelin mxm4 is supposed to start at 9/32.

At some point stomping the pedal becomes an occasional pleasure. Those tires are expensive too.

gballant4570 | November 3, 2019

With a lifetime wh/m avg of 238, it appears that I have not been a driver who would burn up a set of tires..... however, I replaced the Michelins at around 13.5k. They just don't wear well.

vmulla | November 3, 2019

My lifetime wh/m is 242, and I replaced my stock tires at 25k.
Sorry, I don't mean to contradict, but my data is just different than yours.
My tires were just under 3/32 when I replaced them, not quite at 2/32.

Bighorn | November 3, 2019

Lifetime average doesn’t always tell the tale of streetlight drag racing and other brief behaviors nor city vs highway driving . My very first set of tires on the P85+ was corded in the rear by 13k miles because there was such intense negative camber. They’ve dialed that out and tires now last twice as long. There was still great tread laterally and on the front tires after 13k miles. I can’t imagine a properly aligned set running out that quickly, though back then service told me about a set that lasted about 3k, but the computer told the tale of hundreds of full throttle launches.

vts747 | November 3, 2019

Exact same mileage with the exact same wear. SC rep told me they hope we'll get some EV rated tires eventually. The instant torque and weight of the car are killing them. My opinion, these tires are not the best. I have the same set on my MB, it lasts around 20K miles. I'm at 9000+ now, and now have to replace them within a month.

Bighorn | November 3, 2019

Which Michelin tire are we talking about? Sorry if I missed that detail. I got 31k miles from the stock Michelin MXM4s. I’d expect significantly less from the summer tires, Pilot Sport 4S or whatever it is.

calvin940 | November 3, 2019

@lilbean | November 2, 2019

A tire shop employee told me that car dealers use cheaper tires even though it’s the same tire at the tire shop.
I had also heard this from my long time mechanic .

Maxxer | November 3, 2019

We’re talking about the stock OEM tires for summer 18’’ wheels

Bighorn | November 3, 2019

I thought the only stock summer tire came with the 20s on a P. Others get all seasons, even my stealth P.

gballant4570 | November 3, 2019

Bighorn, vmulla, of course you are both correct - avg wh/m can hide a few things. It's an indicator only - and it's also true that perhaps not all tires sets from the same manufacturer wear the same. My experience however has left me with an opinion, rightly or wrongly. As they say, kind of like a-holes, everybody's got one.

gballant4570 | November 3, 2019

Mine were 18" all season tires, car was delivered with them.

M3phan | November 3, 2019

@ vmulla, actually, just checked on tiresize website, and we were both off by one… Split the difference, the new tread depth on the Michelin primacy MXM4 18” tire is 8/32

vmulla | November 3, 2019

Seriously? You're not going to call me a liar for sharing the best info I had? ;) /s

BTW I never checked the spec, I measured my new tires to keep track of my wear. I might have made a 1/32" mistake. Thanks

Bighorn | November 3, 2019

My digital depth meter is in mm. It’s very disconcerting:)

vmulla | November 3, 2019

My tool expenses since I got my 3 are
~$3 tire depth gauge and a ~$16 thermometer

I don’t expect the cheapo tire depth guage to be accurate, but I'd recommend folks get something. A quick measurement in the garage is enough to assess if a tire rotation is needed. You could use a penny, but that didn't go very well for me.

The thermometer was to prove an a HVAC bug in my car - not related to this thread.

lilbean | November 3, 2019

@calvin940 Thanks!

M3phan | November 3, 2019

Yes that tread depth gauge is a great little tool. (Why my talk to text autocorrected “depth gauge” to “Seth Guatemala” I have no idea...)

stbgmannv | November 4, 2019


Yes it is worth getting your tires inspected and the phone call to Michelin. 55% proration here!

LostInTx | November 4, 2019

My original Michelin Primacy 18" tires required replacing at 29K miles. They measured, at various points, 3/32 and 2/32.

As these tires were rated at 45K miles, I purchased new Primacy tires, provided the receipt to Michelin and received a 30% refund. Easy peasy..

Syed.Hosain | November 4, 2019

@Bighorn "My digital depth meter is in mm. It’s very disconcerting:)"

There is probably some way to change that, I suspect. My digital one can be set to read in 32nd's or mm.

Syed.Hosain | November 4, 2019

@LostInTx "My original Michelin Primacy 18" tires required replacing at 29K miles. They measured, at various points, 3/32 and 2/32."

SImilar numbers here. I drove 28.8k miles and was down to just under 4/32". Costco had a sale on Michelin's last month, so I went for new tires. I still need to contact Michelin to see if I can get some sort of refund too ...

Bighorn | November 4, 2019

It can be changed to inches, which is even more disconcerting!

Syed.Hosain | November 4, 2019

@Bighorn "It can be changed to inches, which is even more disconcerting!"

Yes, indeed! Maybe it can be used for monster truck tires? ROFL ...

Syed.Hosain | November 4, 2019
ODWms | November 5, 2019

On my P3D+ (20 inch tires), the tires still look like new at 13,000 miles. I’d be shocked if even one of my tires is less than 7. I drive sensibly mostly, but I can tell you I flog it from time to time. I’ve had several full throttle launches, several high speed cornering events and a few jaunts over 100 mph. I anticipate well over 20,000 miles before they’ll need changing.

M3phan | November 5, 2019

My 18” MXM4s lasted just under 12,000 miles.
: ))
Spirited? I should say so. I’m driving a Tesla for godsakes.