Model 3 Roof Racks - Noise

Model 3 Roof Racks - Noise


Apologize if this is a duplicate post I went through about 15 pages the other day and did not see anything.

Does anyone have any issues with the Model 3 Roof Racks making noise when the T-cushion/foam is removed? We had the roof racks installed and everything was fine but then bought bike carriers for the racks for a recent trip. Noticed substantial noise and assumed it was the bike carriers however in doing some random testing - we noticed the noise was there without the bike carriers on top. Only difference would be the T-cushion/foam was removed.

Is there a fix for that? If the whistling comes from the racks without the filler - it renders the T-mount system useless for us as it is quite loud especially at higher speeds.

I've put in an email to Tesla already without a response so far.

Please and thanks!

Magic 8 Ball | November 4, 2019 roof rack noise

^ Put into browser

Replace "roof rack noise" with other terms you wish to search.

surfpearl | November 4, 2019

Think for a minute about the role of that T-cushion. Is it to remove it in order to create a powerful 'flute' at higher speeds or to allow you to insert whatever attachment you need anywhere on the rack? Methinks the latter. Put the cushion back and try to muscle your bike attachment into the T-slot by compressing the cushion and 'walking' the attachment to the desired position. It may take some elbow grease, depending on the type of attachment you have, but do enjoy the process as well as the quiet ride!

polaris | November 4, 2019

hmmmm ... never thought of muscling the piece in there with the cushion in it. Thanks - will give it a try.

bp | November 4, 2019

+1 @surfpearl

Manjushr | November 5, 2019

right- don't remove the t-cushion, ever. most decent racks have an aerobar band option- that slaps around the whole bar. Yakima for example, "highroad" is great.. you can slap on and off in under a minute. If you bolt into the slot, it is a huge hassle taking racks off and on. I slap on an off 3 highroads in a few minutes (note: for this reason, get the yakima keylocks)

If you do have to bolt into the slot, then you only need remove a tiny space in the cushion. But then this is a bit more permanent...