Everything about FSD

Everything about FSD

FSD is supposed to be feature complete soon. I thought it would be interesting to have a topic dedicated to everything FSD -predictions, insights, issues observed, etc.

To start things off, I would like to have a discussion about auto land change. I have mine set to Mad Max... But it feels overly cautious and skittish. On more than one occasions, it would steer back to the same lane as if seeing a ghost. This seems to happen more often when there are lots of shadows on the road. I am guessing the camera saw high contrast patterns, didn't know what to make of those and decided to be safe than sorry. If so, I wonder if the ultra sounds could have been ultized more effectively to mitigate this.

What do you think?

To Tesla: it would be great if there is a way to show us what the sensors and NN are seeing that caused our car to make certain decisions. More information is a great way to build trust to the FSD tech...

Goose66 | November 5, 2019

I would like to see some information from Tesla enumerating and detailing the capabilities of Autopilot and NoA. You see a lot of posts on YouTube and in other forums that some owner has discovered this capability or that capability that doesn't actually appear to be present in my car. For example, I've see more than one post/video of the car supposedly cheating to the other side of the lane when passing a truck. Mine does not do this, and in fact stays disturbingly close to trucks even when the truck is edging towards the line, primarily because the trailer is too high for the proximity (ultrasonic) sensors to detect. There's also still a lot of people out there that have misinterpreted Elon's tweets and talks and think their car is actually learning and getting better on its own. Clarity here would be a good thing.

Goose66 | November 5, 2019

As to Auto Lane Change, I have turned confirmation on because it is "squirrelly." I have also had it initiate a lane change only to cancel, reduce speed, and fall in behind the car ahead for no apparent reason. Mine also tends to initiate lane changes to pass cars WAY EARLY, even if there are faster cars coming up in the passing lane. The faster cars have to sit behind me and wait until the car completes the passing maneuver or, more often than not, pop out and go around me in the right lane. It doesn't do much to build Tesla's reputation to have the cars behaving like that, for sure.

Goose66 | November 5, 2019

Another area that is fascinating to me is Enhanced Summon or "Come To Me" mode. It appears to me at this point that a lot of processing is done on Tesla's servers based on the aerial/satellite photos of the parking lot before instructions are sent to the car. I read the blue route shown on the screen as the result of this server processing. If this is correct, then a lot of enhancement could be done to this function without having to update the car firmware. For example, mine consistently wants to go the wrong way in parking lot lanes and cross over empty spaces to find the closest route, which is very primitive indeed. I usually have to play with the target location to get the path right before causing it to initiate. The server-side processing could easily be enhanced to recognize the direction of the slant of the parking spaces and/or any arrows and balk lines painted on the pavement to determine the proper direction of travel in the parking lot for the car and have it behave much better in the parking lot than it does now.

Joshan | November 5, 2019

Mad Max is not about how "aggressively" it changes lanes, it is how often it changes lanes and at what threshold.

For example say you have your speed set to 70mph and the car in front of you is going 65. In Mad Max it will likely try to pass him, in a milder setting it wont bother for only 5mph.

Joshan | November 5, 2019

The moving back on a lane change is a known bug they introduced on the last release. It will be fixed soon.

jimglas | November 5, 2019

I use EAP most of the time. There is still quite a bit of phantom braking.
Not a complaint, Just an observation.

rdh37 | November 5, 2019

I have to agree with jimglas. Since the last update or two, phantom braking seems to have increased for me. In fact, only a couple of days ago my car dangerously, and with no visible reason, braked dramatically on the hwy. Fortunately, I watch the car closely and hit the accelerator in time to avoid being re-ended. Until I get the next update I am currently only using EAP on the hwy in stop and go or relatively low speed traffic. I hope the next update changes EAP back to the functionality or better that I had before as my hwy commute is about to double on a daily basis. Have a nice day.

ksusweep | November 5, 2019

I haven't experienced phantom braking. I wonder if that's because I have V3 HW.... It might be interesting to include the year of your model and the HW version if you are posting a problem / quirk.