Sarasota Service Center

Sarasota Service Center

Went to the new Sarasota SC yesterday (10 min. drive from my home) for a minor problem: fluctuating tire pressure in rear tire. Had no appointment, but was given immediate attention. Problem determined to be nail in tire. Was immediately fixed and in 45 minutes I was on my way home. Have in the past had great service at Tampa SC and this visit was the same. :-)

sbeggs | November 6, 2019

Nice! Ever since my visit last month to Sarasota, and meeting up with @georgehawley, I'm dreaming of moving to Sarasota!

ghgregory | November 7, 2019

Sarasota is a wonderful city! Have lived here for 16 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Where are you located now? My em is

sbeggs | November 7, 2019

South San Diego, currently visiting Desert Hot Springs, California. Where in Sarasota area are you close to? What do you like about it?

ghgregory | November 8, 2019

I'm located in SE area of the city, just a bit east of I-75. Much to like here; I've lived all over the world (USN retired) and this is the best. E-m mail and I'll be glad to provide details.