Battery Increase from 60 to 70 - Surprise!

Battery Increase from 60 to 70 - Surprise!

Imagine my surprise. I brought my Tesla S60 in for service and drove home with a Tesla S75! The best part - it didn’t cost a dime. Further, their mobile tech is coming out to change my badging. I’m guessing that Tesla just wants the 60’s off the road, but I don’t know for sure. Any ideas?

SoCal Buzz | November 14, 2019

Very cool! Why did you bring it in? What were issues with the old battery?

egonzo21 | November 14, 2019

That is very an old classic S60 owner myself........I'm intrigued. Why did you go in for service? Thanks

reed_lewis | November 14, 2019

If that is the case, My paying $7000 for the upgrade 2.5 years ago saddens me. | November 14, 2019

@reed_lewis - Some of us paid $10K more for the 75 instead of the 60 when new.

@aleagledoc - great deal! Congrats!

vince.rizzi | November 14, 2019

Mine got upgraded with the recent October power outages here in CA. I keep waiting for it to kick back into a 60D but still have 75D. Now I’m wondering if it will just stay that way. Hmm...

troyhobbs | November 15, 2019

aleagledoc |
Wow! Very cool. Did they change out the entire battery?? What ‘service’ were you in for? I bought my 2013 Model S60 a year ago, with 9400 miles. Adequate for my 90 mile round trip commute to work and back. It’s a ‘base’ model, but gets the job done. I’d love to upgrade in a year or so. 1st car I’ve ever owned without a sunroof. And longer range on trips would be nice. Congrats!!

ggendel | November 18, 2019

I brought my 60D in for service today and mentioned this thread to my service liaison. He said that he's gotten several calls about the upgrade and asked corporate but hasn't gotten an official answer yet. I guess I'll hope that this becomes a reality before I pick it up tomorrow. | November 18, 2019

@troyhobbs - These are 2015 or later Model S 60s, which actually have a 75 kWh battery, software limited to 60. No battery swap is needed. The early Model S 60s like yours have an actual 60 kWh pack and are not software upgradeable. In the past, Tesla has not made physical battery upgrades available, except for a few rare cases. The cost for one upgrade I know about from 60 to 85 was something around $25K.

ggendel | November 20, 2019

Seems that this is a one-off. My service center says there is no bulletin about this development. They found a bulletin that says the battery increase option was temporarily unavailable and will be enabled again in 4th Qtr. There is no indication of whether it will be a courtesy upgrade or cost.

I also had them check about tha AP hardware upgrade and there is no formal policy. My center says they have done it a couple of times so they can learn the process, but they haven't been given the go-ahead for general installations.

troyhobbs | November 20, 2019 |
I’m wondering how to find out if ‘my’ particular car is ‘software upgradable’ ?? I’ll bring this up to the Tesla techs when they let me know my car is ready. Towed to Tesla on Tuesday, no word today. Thanks for the info!! Good to know

BCCA | November 20, 2019

You can see the size battery that's installed in your car by turning you steering wheel all the way to the left and then look underneath your car at the front passenger tire wheel well. You should see a sticker on the battery that tells you what size battery is in the car. If it is a 60, there is no way to upgrade using software only to a 75. If it says 75 then Tesla should be able to upgrade the software to unlock the whole battery, but that is up to Tesla on whether they will do it or not and at what price.