Why is Tesla Model 3 from GF3 (China) more expensive?

Why is Tesla Model 3 from GF3 (China) more expensive?

I'm wondering why does a Model 3 base price in China start at 50k VS the US counterpart base price starting 39k?

There is no data out there indicating whether the pricing system is different, manufacturing cost or labor is different, or all in all the price hike is just for US consumer due to the trade tarrifs war? (I. E. falls under the same umbrella of tarrifs trump placed last year to encourage local manufacturing?)

Anyway, it would be interesting to know why :)

calvin940 | November 15, 2019

Many factors from geographic to parts shipping to production to whatever.

Fuzzball | November 15, 2019

Pricing structures can also be cultural and structural.
Perhaps for the Brand to succeed, it cant be thought of as cheap in China.
Or, People in China have a propensity to pay more for the same luxury item.
Or Tesla wont have volume production and is looking to recoup its capital faster...
who knows, tesla will change pricing tomorrow anyway...

lbowroom | November 15, 2019

vehicle prices in different markets are different for all brands. Has little to do with actual production costs

TabascoGuy | November 15, 2019

OT, Can anyone translate the Chinese badging on the rear of the GF3 Model 3?

pkmantmc | November 15, 2019

Or kickbacks/bribery are needed to get things done fast in China.

sbeggs | November 15, 2019

May be offering higher models like LR, AWD, P3D first, as in US rollout? No standard model for a year?