Vampire drain is back

Vampire drain is back

Anyone having issues with vampire drain after installing the latest update? I installed it on Tuesday night and everyday now once I get to work I lose about 12-15miles within the first 2 hours. I didn’t have any issues with 2019.32. I don’t know if it just affecting the MR as I havent seen anyone reported any drain with the new update.

derotam | November 15, 2019

Re-check your default settings, check sentry mode, check summon standby...

Teslanene | November 15, 2019

I don’t have Auto-pilot ad sentry is off.

calvin940 | November 15, 2019

I do not have any unexpected drain.

tanya™ | November 15, 2019

I do have the same issue, but wanted to confirm over a longer period of time.

jefjes | November 15, 2019

Since owning the car (June '18 17k miles), I've tracked my daily phantom drain and noticed that it seems to go up right after doing an OTA update for a few days and then returns to my normal of about 2-6 miles a day. Right after 36.2.1, it went as high as 15 miles the first day then dropped to 9-10 miles the next couple days and this morning it showed 2 miles so it's back to normal until the next OTA. I have Sentry set to on unless parked at home, overheat protection on A/C, prewarm car while plugged in and use seat heat when needed as well as defrost when windows fog. The way I log it is subtracting yesterday mornings total milage each morning before driving with todays then adding that total to what is displayed and subtracting what was displayed the morning before. The negative number result is total miles used that weren't driven so accounts for all phantom drain regardless of the reason. YMMV

gballant4570 | November 15, 2019

llaB 8 cigaM, many years ago I graduated from a high school named Glenelg High School. The yearbook was named "Palindrome", which for those not familiar is a term for any word that is spelled the same, backward or forward. Youe user name is not a palindrome.... b ut I am guessing you are already aware....

As to the new vampire drain, I am not seeing it - but I don't have the MR model, I've got LR AWD.

tanya™ | November 15, 2019

@ gballant4570
I have AWD. I hope it will turn out to be what jefjes says.
I’m familiar with palindromes. It used to be a popular homework assignment for CS.

EVRider | November 15, 2019

@Teslanene: You said you're losing 12-15 miles in the first two hours after you get to work. Does that rate of loss continue after two hours?

Try checking your SOC % instead of miles and see if you're really losing that much charge. The estimated range isn't always reliable.

Teslanene | November 15, 2019

@EVRider it stops after 2 hours. I charge to 206, get to work with 167. Check On it 2 hrs later it’s 154 and stops there for the rest of the day. Been doing this since Wednesday after the update. I will try the percentage on Monday.

bradbomb | November 15, 2019

Cabin Overheat Protection? I know its gotten cooler, but maybe you park outside under the sun.

jimqjp | November 20, 2019

After updated to 32.2.1, my 2019 LR AWD uses three times more. Yesterday the charge end at 6:30PM 270 mile. 20 hours later, it is 240 mile now.

I have only driven it to home and back to work for about 17 miles, so it used 13 miles in 20 hours. It was less than 4 miles per day before.

The sentry mode is off at both home and work places. I live in NJ, the average temperature is about 50 degrees now. I parked in garage of about 43 degrees.

I also noticed that it has a little fan noise all the time while I parked in garage. It is too noise to know the fan is no or off outside. I am sure the noise is new after the update.

schaer.tupan | November 22, 2019

I experienced as well huge loss in range after the update to Version 2019.36.2.1 Yesterday I parked with something like 350km range; 2.5 hours later it already was down to 330km; so I lost 12 miles or so for no apperant reason; I switched Ventilation off manually, I disabled Keyless entry and so on (I am home in Switzerland). Temperatures low just above freezing point. I drive a Model 3 LR AWD, I didn't buy the FSD so far. After reading through this Forum I figured I have to disable Autosteer and enable it again. And Bingo today I parked at my workplace with 190km (118.7 miles) range left; 7 hours later it is still 189km (118.1 miles). So problem fixed and of course wondering what on earth happened to good programming. And yes I switch off the fan manually because I heard it running a few times even an hour or so after I parked (dog mode disabled)

StealthP3D | November 22, 2019

Are you sure its the update and not the weather? Seems always in the winter the miles are always a lot less.