Closing Door for my lady question

Closing Door for my lady question

So call me old fashion, but I open car doors for my ladies. When I open the passenger door, radio comes on lights, fan. When I close her door, the car turns off until I get around to the driver side and open my door. Is there a setting that will keep the car on for a bit of time so my passengers aren't left in a dark car?


Shesmyne2 | November 17, 2019

Have her touch the screen.

Still Grinning ;-)

PrescottRichard | November 17, 2019

Open your door but don’t get in, run around and open HER door, she gets in and closes her door but YOUR door is still open and the audio continues!

Seriously though, I dunno. Maybe something for the lights? Besides manually hitting the dome light. I haven’t checked.

Funny how this little stuff creeps in and makes life complicated.

jordanrichard | November 17, 2019

And that would be different from which car......? At least she won’t be getting into a hot/cold car, assuming you turned on the climate control ahead of time. The overhead lights should remain on for 30 seconds, so just how long is it taking you to walk around to the driver’s side?

AIA304 | November 20, 2019

A slight twist to the OP post.

I pretty much open the car door for the wife every time. It goes like this.

We both have key fobs, I walk her to the door and open, sometimes with keyfob press or sometimes with a press of door handle, she gets in car. I walk around.

When I open my door, I see the seat and mirrors start moving from my profile to her driver profile.

I guess Elon never opens the door for his friends.

Service says to NOT have two keyfobs in car at same time, WHAT ?

It just an odd situation, NONE of our previous cars did this.

jimglas | November 20, 2019

touching the screen solves your problem

f3rretus | November 20, 2019

Give your lady the door test. If your lady reaches over and unlocks your door for you, then you know she's a keeper. Plus it should keep her from being in the dark.

Shesmyne2 | November 20, 2019

Guess nobody believed me. Thanks for the confirmation.

Still Grinning ;-)

TranzNDance | November 20, 2019

Yeah, just frame it as an invitation to pick the music.

TonyB.C120 | November 24, 2019

@AIA: Not have two fobs in the car at the same time? My wife and I work at the same place and drive up together. Sometimes, one of us leaves before the other. We've been doing two fobs without problems. The only thing is we have to press the driver profile as Tess gets confused.

Q: If you can't have two fobs in the car at the same time, how do you get the second fob home from the dealer when you get the car?
A: Your service person is confused.

acegreat1 | November 24, 2019

"open car doors for my ladies" Pimping ain't easy playa, put on that dog mode ;)

nukequazar | November 24, 2019

"put on that dog mode" Danger Will Robinson. This suggestion will not go over well.

jjs | November 25, 2019

Ask Tesla for Chivalry mode. Should be a simple change for them to keep the internal lights, music, HVAC on for 30 seconds or so. Bet you they would implement...soon.

TranzNDance | November 25, 2019

It could be Humane mode and benefit all passengers in the car. Especially if the driver is going to use (Smart) Summon on a hot day. The seat detectors should help with detecting the presence of passengers.

jjs | November 25, 2019

In the truck I guess it would be called CyberKindness?

PhillyGal | November 25, 2019

I'll be honest this bugs me a bit. Here's our song and dance when I'm the passenger in our S, which is almost all weekend...

I get in the passenger's seat, music turns on.
I close the door, it goes off.
I touch the screen, song re-starts.
Hubs loads the baby rear driver's side. Song re-starts again, depending on exact timing.
Hubs closes that door.
Hubs opens his door. Song re-starts.

Half the time I just keep my door open until he gets in...

BlueTes | November 25, 2019

I love having doors held for me, and I always hold them for others. I mean no disrespect, but I feel that both the term -- and this particular gesture -- are lovely in spirit but antiquated in practice. I feel perfectly capable of opening my own car door and I think the idea of a "gentleman" opening it for "his lady" is an artifact of times gone by (when there were fainting couches instead of vegan bucket seats, and the semantics of one's possession of another weren't so fraught). That said, I think the little courtesies in life are precious and way too few, Let's move the conversation to imagine, say, that I want to open the door for an elderly parent or to help someone whose abilities to get in and out are compromised. And then it makes sense! But IMHO because the time it takes me to go around the car seems so nominal that the passenger would barely notice, I would rather see Tesla prioritize other fixes, especially of a safety and security nature. I sure hope everyone gets the spirit of my post and I agree that _any_ passenger who reaches over and unlocks the door is a keeper :-) .

brosello | November 25, 2019

BlueTes, I love your comment. I don't believe anyone can take it the wrong way. I agree that it is nice, but not something to stop everything and try to "fix", if you can consider it broken. I think it's a simple matter of either touching the screen or waiting to close the door until the driver opens her or his door.

SpaceGhost | November 25, 2019

I'm more in the camp that it should just feel right without having to change the way you use a car. The passenger should have a seamless experience similar to the driver. Anyone getting in the car before the driver should have welcoming experience. The screen should stay on so the passenger knows they can touch it.