Driver's face monitoring - suggestion

Driver's face monitoring - suggestion

My suggestion is adding a control feature to monitor driver's face and generates audible warning if eyes are closed for more than certain seconds while vehicle is running. This will avoid driver going to sleep under any driving circumstance. Circumstances include vehicle running in auto cruise mode, or with control for Lane Departure Avoidance turned off, etc.

Devilstower | November 19, 2019

I worked with this technology over the last ten years on mining and construction sites where it's used to generate alerts concerning potentially sleepy drivers. My experience is that even the best, dedicated devices still throw off a ton of false positives / false negatives. It can look good in a given demonstration, but monitoring a bank of 50+ trucks over a shift shows that the system can be extremely irritating -- when it's not being ineffective.

It can certainly be done and be useful, but it's a lot less automatic than many would make it seem. It takes a combination of system and driver training to make it work consistently. .

jebinc | November 19, 2019

Op. My 2020 Subaru Outback has this. Glad there is an on/off software toggle for this and other functionality. Works well though.

Earl and Nagin ... | November 20, 2019

A piece tape fixes the problem that the OP is campaigning to cause but I'd rather it not be spying on me in the first place.